2020 미국 대선 후보 앤드류 양 정치적 논란 과 루머 총정리

2020 미국 대선 후보 앤드류 양 정치적 논란 과 루머 총정리

Hi, I’m pereek. I uploaded a video of Andrew Yang a month ago. There’s over 300 comments on the video now. Some of them ask the same question over and over again. So it’s not a good way for me to answer all of these comments. So many people gathered what they were curious about in common. And I made a video that answers that question. All of Andrew Yang’s rumours and Universal Basic Income. This is similar to the FAQ. If I’m wrong, please point out in the comments. Question 1, Andrew Yang is a Trump sniper. He is not a real presidential candidate. Even he’s talking like that. This isn’t entirely wrong. The Republican presidential candidate is Donald Trump. To beat him in the presidential election,
the opposition party must bring its support votes from the ruling party. That’s why most Democratic presidential candidates are
using the same strategy of shooting at Trump. Yang is trying to spot Trump. The reason why this rumor comes up Trump is forcing companies to create jobs in the factory by intimidating them. But Andrew Yang suggested a way for workers to make a living if the factories shut down. This could be a policy against Donald Trump’s policies. But We have to knowthe structure of the U.S. presidential election. In Korea, many candidates run from symbols 1 to 8 during the presidential election. And the whole nation is holding a vote, the votes are divided a lot. But U.S has one in the Republican Party and one in the Democratic Party. The final presidential election will be held only by the two. They invest one billion dollars in election funds for over a year. Investing so much money and time to damage Trump’s image. It doesn’t make sense to think in common sense. Question 2, there is no reason for Americans to elect ASIAN as president. I look at the comments on the video, Oh, He’s Chinese. Oh, He’s Asian. There are some comments that seem to be ignoring like this. Firstly, Andrew Yang was born in Taiwan. He’s not Chinese. When You call President Barack Obama, Uh, He’s African. You don’t call like this, do you? That’s why you have to think like that because He’s Taiwanese-American. The parties with the comments are ASIAN as well. I don’t understand, Why would they spit on their faces? It’s self-taught by racism. ASIAN can also win support from the American people if he has great talent. And I think it could be a social leader in the United States. Before we impose this perception on white people or Hispanics We should have that thought first. Internally, uh, Asians don’t work for white people. You’ve got this idea When different races make such racist comments that mock Asians, They’re angry, they’re abusive, they’re malicious comments on their’s SNS. This is not a good way. If you hit a guy with a low self-esteem, They are angry too much. It’s same as that. We don’t have to fight against racist lowlifes. Ha, they don’t even understand the atmosphere of the world We have to do our best to make sure that everyone can. To do that, ASIAN should be a social leader in the developed world, right? Question 3, 1,000 dollars a month is too much. $500 will be enough. There will be a lot of financial difficulties paying $1,000 a month to all American adults. But if he cut the amount to $500, The meaning of the Universal Basic Income system is lost. This system is designed to prepare for factory automation and Artificial Intelligence. It’s focusing on the future of unemployment. 500 dollars a month. An American adult can’t live for $500 a month. The lowest amount available for basic supply shall be provided. The amount was set at $1,000. But if this policy is actually implemented, They won’t give $1,000 from the start. At first, it starts at around $100 or $200. They’re going to check the price increase or the value of money in the market. They’re going to proceed step by step. Question 4, if government collect large taxes from companies for the purpose of national dividends, Naturally, companies will protest against it And try to move their headquarters to other countries. This is not to raise corporate taxes further. It’s about the U.S. doing the same tax laws that most developed countries are doing. There is currently no VAT in US. There are VAT in Korea and other countries. You pay 10% VAT when you buy something or get a service. We called GST in australia. It’s same with VAT. Europe as well. Some countries charge more than 15% VAT. So it’s a system that most countries are doing. The U.S. isn’t the only country in the developed world. So even if a big company like Amazon gets 100 billion dollars in revenue every year, They doesn’t pay any taxes. Because they spend money on technology development or marketing as much as they earn. It makes the net profit almost zero. If Amazon achieved $100 billion in revenue in 2019. Apply a value-added tax system will pay 10% of this revenue in taxes. So Andrew Yang’s argument is not raising corporate taxes. The U.S. also apply VAT, which is fully implemented in other countries. Let companies pay 10% of the revenue generated in taxes. It’s about giving this money to the people. Question 5, Universal Basic Income is Isn’t it communist or socialist? The Universal basic income is not communist. When you lose your job or you close your own business, There’s no profit at all, It’s on red light in your life. It’s a system that provides $1,000 a month to enable basic supply and demand. Socialism or Communism No matter how hard you study, you enter a good university. Or if you work hard, You get equal treatment with a lazy person, don’t you? That’s why people don’t raise their careers. Neglect to work or study. The state supports it anyway. There’s an increasing number of lazy people. This is a fatal drawback. This system is the starting point of fundamental capitalism. It was raised from zero to $1,000. people aren’t satisfied with living, To buy a nice house, expensive car, delicious food, pretty clothes, Of course, we should work harder on the economy. Some people are working even if they don’t like this job for a living. You can be free from such routines. It’s a system that allows you to do what you want, even if your wages are a little small. And when this system goes into effect, And so does this phenomenon where people are concentrated in cities. The biggest reason why many people live in cities, To get into a good job and make a lot of money. But as you know, if you live in a city, Living and housing costs are also much more expensive than local cities. But if you get $1,000 every month, You don’t have to live in a city where housing or prices are high. You can live in the countrysidle or rural areas where house is cheap. You can get a job in a small company and live comfortably there. Currently, the population density of urban areas in Korea is 91%. It means, 90% of the Korean population lives in 17% of the country’s total land. This isn’t just about Korea. Every country in the world has the same problem. It can solve some of these chronic social problems. Question 6, Self-driving services have not yet started. It seems too early to discuss the future unemployment crisis. Of course, it’s early right now. Because so far, no one’s lost their jobs due to A.I. We can probably feel it 10 years later. However, before switch to A.I. and automation, we have to set up a system in advance. I think it’s good for both the people and the business. Self-driving isn’t commercialized yet. The call center A.I which replaces the telephone consultant is being serviced. The service is now expanding in Korea as well as in the U.S. And now because of Amazon GO and online shopping, 40% of U.S. offline stores will close in 5 years. There’s a prospect like this. The unmanned convenience stores have been in operation since 2017 in south korea. The system wasn’t perfect and it didn’t spread. It’s got the perfect facility like Amazon GO, Maybe the unmanned convenience store will spread quickly. All right, let’s imagine it. Convenience store operators suddenly tell the convenience store owners. we’re gonna take care of this convenience store from now. And they’re going to make the convenience store unattended. Then, small business owners and unions will protest. Because It’s taking away their jobs. But if the government has a universal basic income, The company has a reason to introduce new technologies. This system was created so we could introduce new technology. Like this. And if you look at the trends in industrial development, No matter how much the labor union is against it. Even if small business people do a demonstration, It’s just make a little slower. Eventually, new markets and new technologies were introduced. People in that job have lost their jobs. A few decades ago, big supermarkets like Walmart and Posco It’s destroying the ecosystems of traditional markets. A lot of merchants were against it. By the way, how is it now? Eventually, there’s a lot of big markets all over the country. People are using the market as if it were natural. in the same way Now, the unmanned convenience store might be awkward. And later on, you know, Americans people buy things at Amazon GO. It may be natural to buy things at an unmanned convenience store in Korea. So, whether it’s late or early, if it’s the future that’s coming, There’s already a lot of people lost job. Some people kill themselves because of living cost It’s a bad choice to create a system after a lot of damage. We need to build a system in advance and change it flexibly. I think it’s right to make that choice. Question 7, technological advances have been going on for a long time. A job that disappears has always been replaced by a new one. That’s why even in the A.I. age, it’s gonna be like that. Yes, that’s right. Coachmans lost their jobs when cars came up. Instead, there was a job to pave the road. And then there were all kinds of jobs related to cars. The person who repairs the computer’s desktop They moved a lot as the smartphone era began. But the days ahead are not industry is changing That’s when people don’t need work. Cashers lose their jobs because of unmanned shops. phone counselors will lose their jobs because of AI. Truck driver, taxi driver, whatever. In the future, that number will decrease really fast. I mean, no other jobs are created to replace the industry. It’s just a robot doing what people do. You don’t have to work, so the job is reduced. So, middle-aged people who drove or cached for decades. Will they be able to receive Web developer, AI programming training and get a job? There is a young man in his 20s who studied and graduated from college for four years. There is also a middle-aged man who was educated at a technical school for six months. If you were the boss, who would you hire for? There are people in the United States who lost their jobs due to factory automation. By giving them free job training. Only 15% of them success to found a new job. Then who is responsible for the livelihood of the remaining 85%? Should their children support them? Now, here’s another question. Can’t we just give welfare to those who lost their jobs because of AI? By the way. When the big roots of the industry turn into whole bonds, Other small industries around it wear damage, too. When taxis are gone, even taxi drivers lose their jobs. And everyone who works for a taxi company will lose their jobs. Sales at restaurants targeting taxi drivers are also down. If the truck driver’s gone, Sales at the accommodation involved there are also down. And the highway rest stops are going down. We’re going to see a drop in sales at the gas station. When the store turns to automation, Shoppers and employees are naturally out of work. part-time job that students can do during vacation It’s going to get harder and harder. Those directly affected can be compensated by the government. People who have suffered indirect damage like this, How do We calculate the damage? There will certainly be some people who do not receive welfare benefits. On the contrary, those who are not supposed to receive welfare benefits. There’s going to be cases where they get benefits. I’m sure there’s something like this right now. If it’s a country where the poor get enough welfare, How can someone starve to death in the capital city? Just looking at these news, We realized how many people located in the shadow of the welfare system. That’s why the universal basic income You have to think of this as not welfare. And I don’t know when. It’s a system that has to be implemented someday. Question 8, too much money is in circulation Money inflation is causing a mess in the market structure. Of course, if too much money is released, The value of the currency may fall, and inflation may come. The cause of inflation is: The Mints are printing money out too much And the money supply is much higher than the demand, right? But this system does not make US dollars that do not exist and give them to the people. collect reasonable taxes on companies It enables consume with confidence. It’s a system that’s oriented toward a virtuous circle. Of course, the first time we put this in place, Market prices could go up in the short term. Because the VAT that didn’t exist is added to every service. That could be a 15% or 20% increase in prices. But when the companies’ unmanned systems are complete, There can be a lot of savings in labor costs. In the long term, prices can be stabilized again. It’s Yang’s opinion. And as I said before, Like communist socialism, Not everyone is living on the same $1,000 a month. That’s an additional $1,000 a month from original earning. The little inflation is not enough to disrupt people’s lives. Price Inflation will arise from value added tax. I think we can control the inflation of the currency. Because suddenly, I’m going to pay you $1,000 a month starting next year. This isn’t it. At first, it will be phased in from a small amount. Watch the changes in the Market and the Value of Money So they’re going to make sure there’s no side effects. Question 9, It is very similar to Korea’s Lee Jae-myung and Huh kyung-young pledges. Can we do this pledge in Korea? Many Koreans say ‘Yang is America’s Huh’. First of all, here’s my opinion. Universal Basic Income is I think it’s possible because it’s the United States. To implement this system in Korea We need to collect more taxes than we do now. We can’t collect that tax from the people. Because it’s like taking it and giving it back. Any other way is to raise corporate taxes. Or the way we tax the rich We need to make taxes like this Then, which rich man would want to live in Korea? Right now, the rich in Korea are still trying to understate their assets. If government try to collect taxes from here on the property tax, Companies and rich people in Korea will all try to immigrate abroad. So even if Korea wants to implement the system, it is hard to raise money. However, the U.S. has yet to implement a VAT that other countries are doing. So if they just put in VAT, They will be provided for universal basic income. It is much more realistic than Korea. And if the Korean government takes taxes from somewhere, they give $1,000 to the Korean people every month Maybe if Korea does something a little bit offensive to the U.S. The U.S. will choose Korea as its currency manipulator. That could lead to lethal currency inflation like Venezuela. The U.S. is the core of the world economy market. And the U.S. dollar is the world’s key currency. That’s why I think it’s possible. If the U.S. were to adopt this system, Perhaps other countries will consider the basic income guarantee system actively. Closing comment Thank you

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    한마디로 옥탑방 살면서 종부세 걱정하는 김노인이 많다는 것~


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    0:39 Q1. 앤드류 양은 트럼프 저격수이지, 대선이 목적이 아니다?

    1:51 Q2. 미국인들이 아시아인을 대통령으로 왜 뽑냐?

    3:19 Q3. 미국 성인 전체에게 월 $1,000은 너무 많은거 같은데 $500이면 현실성 있지 않나?

    4:11 Q4. 기초 소득을 목표로 기업 세금을 올리면 기업들이 엄청나게 반발할텐데?

    5:30 Q5. 기초 소득 보장 제도는 사회주의, 공산주의 체제 아닌가요?

    7:39 Q6. 아직 실업대란이 일어나지도 않았는데 벌써부터 제도를 만드는건 시기상조 아닌가요?

    10:20 Q7. 이전 직장이 없어지면 새로운 일자리가 또 생길건데 무슨 걱정인가요?

    12:00 Q7-2. 그럼 기초 소득 제도 말고 AI로 피해입는 사람들만 복지혜택을 주는건 어떤가요?

    13:23 Q8. 화폐를 그렇게 많이 시장에 풀면 인플레이션이 온다?

    15:03 Q9. 이거 한국의 허경영, 이재명이 먼저 말한건데? 그럼 한국도 가능한거 아닌가요?

    16:59 앤드류 양의 현재 지지도 및 마무리


  3. 미국은 보편적 복지개념이 없고 소득의 재분배 제도도 없다는 건가요? 기업의 임원진들이 수백억의 연봉으로 호사를 누리고 많은수의 시민들이 노숙으로 내몰리고 의료보험도 불합리 하고 미국인들은 부조리를 개선할려는 의지가 부족하네요 한국은 기초연금 실업수당 의료제도 학교의 무료급식등 국민부담율 대비 사회제도는 합리적이라 봅니다 여튼 앤드류 양의 선전을 기대합니다~


  4. 진짜 간단 명료하게 앤드류양의 이야기를 정리해주신것 같아요. 이정도면 잘 모르는 사람들도 충분히 이해할 수 있을듯!!!!


  5. 앤드류 양 논란과 루머 정리를 통해 앤드류 양에 더욱 관심이 생기게 되었어요.
    근데 혹시 미래에 이슈와 취향에 맞게 자동 컨텐츠를 생성해주는 AI 유튜버가 생기는 건 아니겠죠?


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    *동영상 잘 보고 있습니다.

    다른 나라 대선후보는 100% 알고 우리나라 대선 후보는 1%도 모르는 것 같아서 안타깝네요~~


  7. 와…퍼식 대박 똑똑… 저 같이 경제상식이나 글로벌 정치 분위기에 대한 감각이 없는 사람들에게 큰 도움이 되는 영상입니다. 취준생들도 영상 한번씩 보면 입사 면접 준비에 도움 될거 같아요.


  8. 한가지 보충설명을 드리자면 서울의 인구몰림현상으로 지방이 혜택을 보았습니다
    이게 박정희때부터 했던 한국의 독특한제도인데 서울 부산의 대도시의 세금흑자를 걷어서 어려운 지방정부에 뿌리는 거죠
    미국같은 경우 캘리포니아 주정부등 따로 따로 한개의 나라화 돼있기에 그지역의 세금흑자가 나도 다른시골 마을들로 세금을 함부로 쓸수없다고 들었습니다
    그러고 보니 대한민국이 먼저 이런걸 하고 있었네
    전국민 의료보험제도도 그렇고
    그리고 퍼식님 사시는 퍼스에는 TAB 스포츠 도박장이 많나요????
    호주노예죠가 하는말이 외국인들이 호주서 돈을 많이벌어가니 도박장을 많이 만들어 돈을 못벌어가게 했다고 하던데 진짜 맞는 말인가요???


  9. 현존하는 직업이 없어지는만큼 새로운 직업이 생길겁니다.
    노동의 대가없이 받는돈은 사람을 그만큼 퇴보시키지요.


  10. 공산주의 채제도 뜻은 좋았지만 결과는 어떤가요 저사람 공약 보니까 사회주의 처럼 배급제 인대 저사람 뽑으면 그렇지 않아도 의료.수도.전기 세 폭탄 인대 더 오르면 미국 붕괴 올뜻 하내요 국방비 축소로 미국 붕괴 시킬뜻 하내요 에휴~
    걱정 됩니다


  11. 뜻은 좋지만 미국 안보나 우리나라 국가 안보가 걱정 되내요~ 의료 수도 전기세 그렇지 않아도 폭탄 인대 더 오르고 미국이 우리나라 에 주둔하는 이유가
    공산주의 를 막으려 주둔 하는대 미국이 점점 사회주의 화 되면 미군 주둔 이유가 사라지고 우리 나라도 국가 안보의 위협이 될탠대 걱정이내요~


  12. 앤드류 양(Andrew Yang)은 미국 대통령 후보입니다. 4차 산업혁명, 즉 자동화로 인한 대량 실직에 대한 효과적인 대책으로 기본소득을 주장합니다.

    모든 미국 성인(18세 이상)에게 $1000/달을 지급하는 것입니다. 또한 공공 의료, 사람중심, 국민주권주의를 주창합니다. 그는 이를 위한 실천방안(VAT,부가가치세)도 내놓습니다.

    그는 실천가입니다. 그래서 지금 미국 유권자들사이에서 공감을 얻고 지지의 열풍이 불고있습니다.

    그는 한국의 이재명입니다. 그는 미국의 핵무기 감축을 말하는데, 문재인 대통령과 더불어 한반도 비핵화 평화를 이룰 것으로 보입니다.


  13. 정치적인영상이네요.오늘 영상 잘봣어요~~.전 반대성향의 연령대도 50대이네요.저도 반대의견이 주이겟지만 개인의견 달아보아요~~~정답은 아닙니다.이런 시각도 있다정도입니다..1.트럼프저격수이지 대선이 목적이 아니다.(말장난이다.트럼프저격수랑 대선이목적아니다라는 말은 참 난 정의다 절대 다통령 욕심없다…날 지지해달라정도로……..트럼프를 까는거 자체가 이미 정치행위인데 아닌척하는건 너무 솔직하지못한듯한 발언이네요.)(중간에 한 100줄썻다가 모두 삭제…….너무 멀리갓음 ^^)~~~~~~~~~~~~~9.허경영 이재명….특정 정치인이라…..신선한 맛이 있죠.,10.너무 길게 썻네요.앤드류양이 타이완계 라 미중전쟁 속에 경계받을만 하다는게 제개인 생각입니다. 미국과 적대적이지않은 베트남계나 일본계….혹은 동유럽계 작은 나라….남미의작은 나라….출신이 대선후보라면 그리 적대적일까 하는 의문을 제기합니다.지금 시기가 미중 전쟁중이니 앤드류양이 인종이 아니라 중국계(타이완계)라는거에 지적을 받는겁니다.그만큼 중국이 미국에 대드는 상황이죠.고전영화 로보캅 2를 보세요~~~일본계회사가 미국 경찰을 장악한 상황의 고전영화입니다.그런영화나오고 일본은 잃어버린 20년이니 30년이니 되엇지요.현재에 보면 웃고말지만 그당시는 일본이 미국의위협이엇지요…지금의중국은 그때의 일본 보다는 못하지만요!~~~근데 왜 우리나라는 아직도 중국을 대국이라고 쫄아잇는지….우리는 중국 사대주의국가 조선의후예인가?(마지막제다이……  왜 로즈가 나온건가요……ㅋㅋㅋㅋ로즈는 뭐미……ㅎㅎㅎ30 …40년만에 중국여인 로즈~~~명작 스타워즈영화에 이런 망쪼가….)이런걸 뭐라고하죠…데자뷰?가 이런 뜻인가요 …..리플레이 영상? ㅎㅎㅎps…..다쓰고 올릴까말까 고민 10초 에라이 올리자 ㅎㅎㅎ퍼식이님 화이팅요~~~ 참고로 반대누른 1인아님…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.전 항상 응원합니다.


  14. 와, 이렇게 길고 심오한 내용의 영상을 준비하느라 엄청난 공을 들이셨겠네요.

    앤드류 양에 관한 방송국 수준의 다큐멘터리 한편 본 거 같습니다.

    퍼식님도 유튜브로 돈많이 벌어서, 인공지능의 발달로 아름다운 리얼돌 하나 마련하셔야죠. ㅋㅋ


  15. 7:05 이건 인간의 본질적욕구와 제도간의 협응력이 전혀 결여된 발언이라 생각됨


  16. 정치는 머리아프니깐 내비두고요…Al시대는 무조건 옵니다
    Al시대에는 어떤기회가 있을까요?


  17. 모든 공장에서 자동화시설을 한다면 일자리는 일단적어지거나 없어질것이고 인구고령화로 노후에 노인들의생계를 걱정한다면 일리가있네요 국가가 기본생계를 책임지고 기업은기계자동화를 노조와 부담없이 자유롭게할수있고요 하여튼 30년전에 알고 준비했던 허경영은 천재 신인 맞아요


  18. 우리나라는 개인부채가 너무많아서 양적완화해서 부채이자를 부담해주는꼴 이니까 일해서번 월급돈만 소비를 하는거니까 인플레이션는 극히적게 일어날겁니다 소비가활성화되는 이상적인 상황이될듯 십네요


  19. 갠적으론 미국이라 할 수 있는 제도라 생각하긴해요
    다만 한국도 30만원 정도부터는 충분히 할만하다고 봐요
    다만 굳이 해야하나싶고 기본소득보장이라는 제도의 국민적 공감은 전혀 없을거 같아요
    국민들 중에 30만원에 목마른 사람이 아주 많을 것 같진 않아요
    미국처럼 극단적인 빈부격차는 아니라서


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