A No Deal Brexit would be ILLEGAL, a breach of parliamentary democracy and put the public in danger

A No Deal Brexit would be ILLEGAL, a breach of parliamentary democracy and put the public in danger

Geraint Davis. Mr. speaker our
fundamental values are democracy, human rights and the rule of law —those are our fundamental values across Europe— yet we now have a Prime Minister who says he would prefer to die in a ditch than to deliver a law that was developed by our democracy the mother of all democracies in order to protect people’s human rights in order to protect
people’s human rights from a No Deal a No Deal where we haven’t seen the
implications of the No Deal, but a lot of it has in leaked out. The reality is nobody in Britain voted for No Deal people did vote they didn’t vote for a No
Deal get out, do or die or on the 31st of
October. They don’t want to die. The majority did vote to
leave, but those people in Swansea say to me that they voted for more
money, more jobs, more control, and now they learn they won’t get any of those from a Brexit and we see Ford leaving Bridgend, we see Airbus leaving and we see problems with Tata Steel we see no more control and we see
no more money. Those people who voted leave deserve a final say, a final vote.
And certainly in terms of No Deal they didn’t vote for that at all. It is a
bit like people agreeing to go to the cinema to see a love story or comedy and
ending up with a Chainsaw Massacre They say ‘oh we agreed to go to the Cinema, but now it is the chainsaw massacre and we have to go in.’ which of course links me back into No Deal. In Wales we are going to see the slaughter of millions of sheep because we will be unable to export them, given the immediate 40% tariffs that will be imposed. We also know that in Britain 1 million diabetic people will be at risk of not having enough insulin. The list goes on. yet the Prime Minister who fails to turn
up at this debate, about whether the Government will deliver the rule of law—is now known not to be negotiating. Instead, he is spending £100 million of taxpayers’ money on delivering propaganda when he knows from a from
operation to sledgehammer or whatever its called —Operation Yellowhammer—that we face calamitous ruin. The unfortunate truth is the Prime Minister is spreading
the contagion of nationalist populism the basic idea that we’re better here
than the Europeans over there and that if we have a problem here, it is their fault over there. we’ve seen it before with Donald Trump talking about the Mexicans and the wall the Muslims or the blacks or but seen in
Germany with the Jews now we’ve heard it here are talking about the Europeans. And
the likes of Nigel Farage his narrative has now been taken on by our Prime
Minister when he says ‘oh they voted leave three years ago nothing could be
simple just leave’ and the reason they’re not leaving is because MPs are corrupt and parliamentary democracy is wrong. Well it’s very easy to agree to leave
here, the difficult business is all agreeing where we’re going to. And it’s
no surprise if a lot of parliamentarians think were too close to Europe a lot of
parliamentarians think we are too far from Europe in a deal. We do not agree—this is not easy, and everybody here knows that but that is spread around basically to put across the lie that it’s the people vs.
Parliament. It’s the people vs the courts. well what we’re here to
do and talk about tonight is to defend our fundamental values of parliamentary
democracy and the rule of law and what is under attack from the footway to neo-fascism are those very institutional values. what the Prime
Minister wants to do is have an immediate election in the hope that the
brexit vote will unite and think that he is mad enough to vote for and remain will divide so that he can say, “We’ll have no deal. Everything will be all right.” We know what people like Dominic Cummings and Farage want. They want to undermine fundamental democratic institutions whether it’s the BBC or the civil service whether it’s the universities, whether it’s
parliamentary democracy itself. So we face a chilling time here and a moment of truth as to whether the Prime Minister will in fact obey democratically agreed laws he’s willing to go around promoting the lie that no deal can deliver without without massive collateral damage and the democratic world is looking to us as the mother of all Parliaments to see whether this parliament can ensure the rule of law and democracy goes forward. We mush show the rest of Europe and the rest of the world that we will not bow to the language of popular tyranny but we will stand true to the rule of law and democracy and move forward

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly.

    These are hazardous. worrying times both nationally and personally.

    All we get from Johnson are lies and a dictatorial coup.


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