A White Nationalist Will Be Advising Trump’s Administration – The Ring Of Fire

A White Nationalist Will Be Advising Trump’s Administration – The Ring Of Fire

So by now, I’m sure everybody watching this
understands that Steve Bannon, the guy from Breitbart is going to be Donald Trump’s chief
strategist and senior councillor in the White House and I’m sure most people watching this
also understand that Steve Bannon is a huge anti-semite. A lot of folks are calling him a white nationalist. There’s a little debate about that, but there’s
no question, this guy holds deeply racist views. He helped to push Breitbart in a incredibly
racist and misogynistic direction, which then made Breitbart the haven for the alt right
and Trump supporters to go on there and hate on Jewish people, on black people, on Muslims,
on Latinas, Hispanics, whatever. They hated on all of them there. And it’s because of Steve Bannon. But here’s the part of the story where things
start to get a little screwy. You see, there’s a lot of people on the right,
and to be honest, there’s even some on the left who have said, ‘You know what, let’s
take a step back, Donald Trump won. Maybe we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps all of this racism and misogyny that
came out during the campaign was nothing more than a talking point to kind of get his base
energized. Now that he’s elected maybe he won’t be so
bad.’ Look, we are less than a week past the National
election, and Donald Trump has already supported or promoted this anti-semite, borderline white
nationalist, to be his chief strategist. This man is going to have significant influence
over policy in the United States for the next four years. So if anyone out there still thinks that maybe
we should have a “Wait and See” approach to Donald Trump, just look at Steve Bannon. Look at Reince Priebus. I mean, this is nothing more than a Cabinet
of supremacists and DC insiders. It is literally the worst of the worst that
the Republican party, that the United States, has to offer. And that’s what Donald Trump is already packing
into his Cabinet. And trust me, as the days and weeks drag on
until Donald Trump finally takes office, we’re going to see more stories like this. Steve Bannon will not be the only disgusting
character, the only disgusting little rat that’s going to be scurrying around Donald
Trump’s Cabinet. It’s going to be packed to the brim with them. That basket of deplorables is going to be
all over that White House, and unfortunately at this point, there’s not much we can do,
because Donald Trump managed to convince a significant portion of the population that,
‘Hey, a little racism’s okay, because you wouldn’t want a woman in the White House.’

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  1. we trump supporters hate everyone who is not a straight white male like we say over on 4chan if it aint white it aint right we would categorize this bald guy as a race traitor


  2. Donald Trump violated civil rights act by refusing to rent homes to black people.


    Trump responded to accusations of racism by hiring a former aid for Joseph McCarthy to sue the government for half a billion dollars.


    Trump continues to refuse to rent homes to black people three years after Justice Department ruling on the matter sides against Drumpf.


    Trump ordered blacks to leave casino floor whenever him or wife arrives on property.


    1991 book written by Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino President quotes Drumpf as saying:

    >“I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day… . I think the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.“

    Trump builds casino in black majority city and breaks promise to mayor about hiring locals, refrains to hire the minorities and opting to staff the casino with almost exclusively all Caucasian employees.


    Trump keeps books of Hitler Speeches by his bed.


    Trump refused to cast black models.


    Trump Refuses to disavow Support from the Klu Klux Klan multiple times during interview only to change his mind later on twitter.


    Trump Retweets message from Pro-Hitler, white genocide conspiracy Twitter account.


    Data Analysis shows 62% of the people Drumpf Retweeted on the week of January 19th 2016 were white supremacist accounts.


    Trump picks famed White Supremacist Leader as Delegate.


    Trump 's son gives interview with Holocaust denying radio show host who wants too bring back slavery.



  3. I've said it once and I'll say it again: It Took Trump 7-8 years to accept that Obama was born in the US, that means it took 7-8 years for Donald Trump to accept Barack Obama as president. It was less than a week and the naive Mainstream Media, Trump, and his supporters were looking for people to move on and accept Trump. I hope people understand the hypocrisy in what they ask.


  4. even the KKK said in their obvious praises they were suprised Bannon was able to get the position. that should tell you something… a cabinet full of the most vile and disqusting human beings on the planet.


  5. Hell why is anybody surprised. 3 years ago Donald Trump called for all immigrants to be banned from coming to America except for the white European ones. The Louisiana congressman who was third in line in the house of Representatives gave a speech for white racists. SMH


  6. good news. wanting what's best for your people is not racist. yall are the haters. and this guy is ignorant and foolish. has absolutely no clue and is a cry baby, grow up whimp


  7. 2:57 – "They didn't vote for Hilary because she's a WOMAN." At one time it was the Republicans making these sort of outrageously disingenuous statements.


  8. Hilary thought she could scare up votes calling Brietbart, Drudge, and Alex Jones "alt-right" white nationalists, but it back fired. And Now the left wants to continue this narrative, but to what end really? A race war?


  9. Perhaps it would be useful to describe what draining the swamp actually means. What practices need to be stopped? If the problems are listed then its possible to see if they are actually being addressed.


  10. With all the white supremacists coming out of their hiding holes, maybe now might be a good time to start a charity offering free guns and free combat training to all low-income POC…


  11. What happened to 'draining the swamp'? The only people Trump are going to unite are various chapters of the kkk.


  12. There literal trying to dismantle democracy The hate campaign proves it Its the Hitler play book on American soil they got 2 yrs to get everyone on board .. Its a fictional spy novel come to life ..


  13. Voters in general didn't reject Hillary Clinton because she was a woman; they did it because she was Hillary Clinton and that she came complete with an army of establishment corruption. That doesn't make Trump any better as a presidential prospect, of course, but this sexism accusation is feeble and entirely misses the point. I'm sure every democrat, progressive and independent voter who rejected Clinton would have voted unanimously for Elizabeth Warren, had she been the candidate and she's no less female than Hillary is.


  14. "A little racism is OK, because you wouldn't want a woman in the white house." — Do you honestly think that is why people didn't vote for Clinton? Because of gender or racism? Why then, was the population so willing to vote in a black president for two terms? Think about that for second! I know it's hard for anyone in the media these days, but please, use some critical thinking. More is going on here, and your closing statement is a clue.
    Perhaps left-leaning individuals are becoming sick of being called racists, misogynists and xenophobes for simply disagreeing with trending left-wing ideologies. So they shuffled off to vote for Trump, or just didn't vote at all.


  15. yes over and over again. there are many reason why dems who voted for obama voted for trump or just stayed home and it in the millions. i know one dem who voted for obama said no more dynasties. im not going to have a queen shoved down my throat. a Hispanic who voted for trump said obama robbed him. his family plan doubled. he voted for him to save money not cost him money and right after a recession at that. answer me this. would you do business with a racist if it will save you a buck. your god damn right you will and that is exactly what he said. some dems feel like they were being swindled by the DNC because of this Bernie Sanders bias. like democracy is a business all the higher up's just waiting to get the cushy job and measure the drapes and back to business how to get the most out of the democracy to line their pockets and the scandals, how many scandals does it take to get to the center of a lolly pop. if im not mistaken the midterms was a warning. its not so much voting for anybody but firing somebody and that is what happen with this election, the dems got fired. ironic it was Donald trump who delivered the message. we have to fire them over and over again because otherwise you will say its ok. i guess the main theme of this rant is hope. why keep someone who you know won't listen to you when you can gamble maybe just maybe the next person will. what the definition of stupid again? even spock would agree. its logical.


  16. Spoken like a true corporate Democrat calling desperate Americans "a basket of deplorables" and ascribing their voting decision to frickin' sexism! Get educated!


  17. The ring of fire how much money are you getting from sorros……. dont you think people
    like you should wait and see what happen first…..and then bang with the shit first…..
    the world knows that Sorros has pay for play….like $1500 a week for protesting against
    Trump…..You may not like or like….I suppose it doesn't matter I can like trump and for
    $1500 a week and protest against trump…..for sorros little ass…..


  18. The Black folk that voted for Trump are real STUPID . Bannon had been part of TRUMP inside man all alone. Hey black TRUMP SUPPORTERS , you got played


  19. Speaking to the end of the segment:
    Yes, let's pretend the only reason Trump won was because Hillary is a woman. OR we can be adults and talk about her real issues like her ties to Wall St. and her corruption. Not to say Trump isn't just as corrupt, he is, but Trump at least said he wanted change. Hillary only advocated for business as usual.


  20. and since it's a made up job title how is he going to be paid??.. is trump expecting the tax payers to foot the bill for that white supremacist's pay??


  21. WOO HOO! We get to keep the 2nd Amendment . No hug a thug programs ! No 100k migrants for the New World Order ! In order to cause Havoc to justify more police. Look at the market.. EVERYWHERE they were waiting to push the NWO into America the markets dropped like a stone ! North Korea !, China ! Various Arab countries… A good day against invasive beliefs !!!!*********Arrest the Thugs ! Teach our kids Morales and not to be ashamed of their identity.Teach balance, not sides!

    Communism , Socialism , Orwellianism , Totalitarianism . OR a mix of all. They still are invasive and oppressive systems.

    Over tolerant belief systems are worthless. As they are future victims for an invasive ideology. Just look at Europe today. Sweden is a good example .

    Constitutionalism , middle of the road actions without forcing a pro-choice stance.. Is the balance historically benign.

    People are wanting to return to this social safe existence.. Where locking doors or even hearts against our neighbors will no longer need to be a priority !!!

    May the GODS bless The American Constitution and Party, 2nd Amendment , Texas , Middle-class, the SPACE PROGRAMS towards exploration and the push towards Craftsmanship. SAY No to paper-cup products and things that are NOT HARD to do.


    STOP DWELLING ! Lost socialistic black-americans. Better Yourselves!!

    We need the Constructionist Party to Return ! THROW OUT ILLEGALS and Confiscate assets of the traitors that hire them.

    Middle of the road ideology and living in a balance is not RIGHT WING !! No one needs to Kow-tow !

    Which is why Trump took the elections . We need a Statesman and Constitutionalists like Jesse Ventura for President . But I'm good with Trump !

    People think there will be a war between racial differences.. BUT … There will be a WAR BETWEEN IDEOLOGY *Balance Versus Invasive conversive policies *
    Wars against ones ability to tell you no because thats how they feel .

    From cats to dogs and whales. Humans to human beings. All Lives Matter. But we are not all equal

    Our forefathers were Heathens !! General Patton was a patron of Tyr !!! Bring Dual Faith Practices back! Or recognize the Non-hypocrite Balanced Code of Conduct , Heroic Samaritan. As a worthwhile belief and Heritage!

    The Texan Way is no longer a white code of conduct. Its actions from a good neighbor !!

    1.Strength is better than weakness
    2.Courage is better than cowardice
    3.Joy is better than guilt
    4.Honor is better than dishonor
    5.Freedom is better than slavery
    6.Kinship is better than alienation
    7.Realism is better than dogmatism
    8.Adrenaline is better than lifelessness
    9.Ancestry is better than universalism
    !0. Balance is better than Invasive

    Say No to sheep or invasive beliefs !

    *STOP the MIGRANT breeding invasion !!! *



  22. i honestly can't beleive this much racism exist in 2016. wheres the justice and We stand together part? let alone us allowing to happen. how are we letting this happen?? there ought to be a big movememt to overthrow trump's presidency.


  23. WTF "white nationalist", NEWS FLASH, nationalists come in ALL colors. You are nothing but a race baiting idiot. I feel sad for you 😢, so full of hate. How do you sleep at night night? You are nothing but a shit stirring, race baiting moron….😅


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