Ancient Alien Egyptian Pharaoh on Mars Civilization Earth like rock formations Artifacts

Ancient Alien Egyptian Pharaoh on Mars Civilization Earth like rock formations Artifacts

hi guys those images from SOL 1454 this
one has been making the rounds because there’s some interesting artifacts in
here but let’s examine it a little closer here and see what we see the
first thing actually when I was looking at it I saw this hear it it look reminds
me kind of of a 0 like an archway from an elaborate something that’s been
carved or something right here but then we move down look at this right here we’ve got this
Buddha type face right here now I’m going to white balance it see how that
just kind of pops out there we get rid of that sepia Hugh for that NASA gives
us and look what we’ve got there and let me see here i can try to do some HDR
toning let me move this down a little bit so you guys can see this part
because i have a zoomed-out ok i’m going to do some HDR toning and just see what
we can come up with ok that’s the default going to move this
over a little bit here city Twilight oh so you see the face right here and its
got like a thing it is lopsided I i agree with that and there’s even
something up here to it it does look like it’s falling apart it’s badly wearing but you know over
time when things aren’t taking care of stuff starts to corrode and that appears
to be happy oh look at this it tops out that much more then you can
see this little archway up here that i was talking about and I can’t quite tell
what this is but it looks like it was maybe on top of this at one time let me try another hole oh my goodness now this back here pops
out now I’d want to see more of this put together that’s kind of interesting
right there it just looks like a cavern or something an elaborate type of a cavern that’s ok
so that covers it up I like that because that pop things out
the ad that gave it some dimension there ok let’s move on now that’s interesting
too ok let’s keep going oh that’s pretty good too now that
brings out some colors here and that shows some algae growing back here which
is possible well yeah because we keep hearing that
there’s grass on Mars all kinds of things that nobody is talking about ok that covers things up ok let’s go to photorealistic low photorealistic that looks pretty good
you can still see there’s the I here and here and then there’s a mouth and I’ll
find some buddha sculptures and things to show you guys as an example oh there’s another one that saturated
and that pops out some algae growing and that kind of makes sense that if Mars is
a warm climate which people are saying that Mars is then you would see algae
growing and you can still kind of see a little bit even with this I don’t know
what Scott five is but ok and we see it in here to see the algae growing in
there and that’s what happens in caves algae grows in strange places oh that’s weird a surrealistic
low-contrast will go to surrealistic there’s another one wow that really pops
out a lot of things here so i’m not sure what I like the best no it wasn’t that one ok i settled here
for the surrealistic high contrast and now i want to zoom out and i’ll add
another layer here and and so then i’ll show you guys here so you can see let me
get some bright color here so you can have an idea what I’m talking about here
okay so I’m let’s see hope it will go around here oops i need a brighter color i thought i
saved my bright colored ok here we go we’ll go around here like this and it goes you guys have an idea i know
a lot of you do the Egyptian sculptures and statues and things and then like
here is the eye and then here’s an eye and then this is the jaw line and then
in here is a mouth but you can see her but that’s the ducks and in here would
be the mouth kind of like that so if I shut this off you can see you can scale
it looks like I know it looks kind of funny like that but but that’s that’s
that’s what we’re seeing in that’s what everyone to see him and then there’s
something else up here because this looks like whatever it was possibly was
on top of this at one time but yes it’s badly worn away it’s shifted out of
place there see there’s something here I don’t know maybe kind of like a totem
pole or something and so let’s shut that off and so you can see ya so you guys let me know what you think
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what we examine the image again and but right in here right oh I should have showed you this to let
me do this before I go this is the pillar there’s a color
writing here so let’s shut that off and there that’s what we have so yes thank
you guys for watching l see you soon

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  1. Anyhow, it is obvious that this whole structure is something non-natural, so must be something ruined …


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