Artwork by a Polish Survivor of Soviet Deportations to Siberia

Artwork by a Polish Survivor of Soviet Deportations to Siberia

Deportation of a family from their home by the Bolsheviks Deportees from a Polish town are herded into cattle wagons by the NKVD (the Soviet Union’s secret police organisation) Soviet officers doing a roll call of inmates at a Bolshevik holding prison Inmates are given delousing treatment and a bath Conditions inside the barracks of a northern Soviet labour camp Levelling of land for Soviet military operations by “Lagiernikow” (Gulag prisoners) in northern Russia Polish deportees build a timber road over marsh land Loading timber onto barges in north Russia Recalcitrant workers are interrogated by the Commander of a labour camp (Gulag) Inmates of the labour camp queue for provisions Happy ex-prisoners leave the gulag as a result of the amnesty granted by Stalin following the Sikorski-Maisky agreement. Later evacuated to form a 75,000 strong army in the Middle East A railway station buffet is besieged by released prisoners at one of the stations Evening scene at a Soviet state farm established on confiscated land Ex-prisoners enjoying “freedom” in a collective state farm in Uzbekistan The “freed” need to find extra food to supplement their meagre rations

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  1. Beautiful pictures from the mind from where cameras were probably not allowed. Any idea what the music is?


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