Can Our Planet Survive Capitalism: Economic Growth and Climate Change Part 3

Can Our Planet Survive Capitalism: Economic Growth and Climate Change Part 3

“Slowing down economic growth has actually
been the only thing that has drastically stopped greenhouse gas emissions.” You actually went
there. So you actually want to harm people’s material standard of living, you want to keep
those poor countries in extreme poverty, because that’s what you’re doing. You will keep them
living in extreme poverty because you can’t go from A to Z over night. There’s a reason
why we went from 17th and 18th century living standards to the living standards we have
today and if you’ve got a problem with that, then that just says something about yourself.
I can’t even get my head around that logic. “‘The only thing in the last 40-years that
has measurably reduced global greenhouse gas emissions is reductions in economic growth.
When the Eastern bloc collapsed in the early 90s, that led to global emissions reductions.’
He’s right. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, greenhouse gas emissions dropped by
about 40 percent.” Forget the fact that the CO2 clearly does not drive temperatures as
temperatures have actually declined, you know, which contradicts that entire narrative. “One
year ago, the New York Times and Jerry Brown announced the California permanent drought,
that was right before California’s wettest winter on record. The past year has been very
wet in California and much of the West, it’s almost like Jerry Brown and the New York Times
don’t know what they’re talking about. In fact, there’s been no trend in California
precipitation since the start of records in 1895. Bloomberg Brown and the New York Times
believe that California’s getting drier, but data from NOAA shows that their beliefs simply
isn’t true. And if we go back 40-years ago the New York Times and Jerry Brown were saying
exactly the same things about California drought, only difference was, they blamed it on global
cooling back then instead of global warming. Now, what about their claim that days are
getting hotter in the U.S. Well, that simply isn’t true. Data from NOAA shows that U.S.
summer afternoons have gotten much cooler over the past century and that they were much
hotter during the 1930s. The frequency of summer days over 90 degrees has plummeted
in the U.S. over the past century, U.S. summers are much cooler now than they used to be.
In the percentage of the U.S. to have hot weather has also plummeted over the past century.”
“Apparently, people not eating meat because the high prices had a lot to do with it, it
was nothing but veggie borscht for them and to think now it’s way less painful to avoid
eating meat with things like the impossible whopper, which I will try as soon as I stop
being afraid of it. How does it bleed? The evidence is there that unless we’re willing
to rethink capitalism, we might have to rethink life itself because we can’t have infinite
growth on a finite planet.” There’s the issue, you don’t live under capitalism, if you did,
you wouldn’t have all of those government price controls, you wouldn’t have all the
government subsidies, you wouldn’t have this mess that you see today where the governments
over regulating the private sector, you would have a free market economy. When you speak
about how we live on a planet with finite resources, yes, that’s correct, that’s kind
of the whole point of the free market economy because, with your socialism, well, we know
exactly where that goes. “We’ve been obsessed with doing more to stop climate change making
even more money, when the answer is actually keeping fossil fuels in the ground, doing
less, like Disney live action reboots. Do less. Less extraction of oil; less production;
fewer or no yachts for the DeVoss family; renewable energy, solar and wind can replace
coal, gas and oil, but we still can’t keep endlessly producing and consuming.” You wish
to turn to that of inefficient crap like that of these wind turbines that’s actually and
this is the contradictory part, right, because you are the same socialists, that’s right,
Francesca Fiorentini, you’re the same type of socialist who loves to claim that you love
the environment so much and we shouldn’t hurt our poor nature, we love nature so much. Yet,
you love it so much that bald eagles or whatever type of eagles that you’ve got over there
in the United States of America were dying by the hundreds being killed by these wind
turbines. And it’s no different to the Scottish National Party who, as if it wasn’t bad enough
with these wind turbines in Scotland, (and by the way, those wind turbines have to be
switched off they’re that inefficient during high winds because they catch fire,) here
we have, you know, Bass Rock in Scotland. Bass Rock is home to the world’s largest seabird
population and typical of government, like all governments do, they destroy everything
on the planet through their intervention. All this rhetoric that you’re hitting out
with about these wind turbines and there was even damage to these solar panels, along came
a big disaster, I think it was a hurricane or something that destroyed a lot of these,
you know, solar panels and each one of those must cost an absolute bomb and who pays for
it? The taxpayer. See if you don’t have the private sector, you don’t have the taxpayer
because the public sector doesn’t generate enough to pay, you know, tax money, therefore,
your only option with your socialist solution is running the printing press. Tell me again
how that turned out in Zimbabwe; tell me again how that turned out in Chile; tell me again
how that turned out in Venezuela? Ah, that’s right, hyperinflation! “Even a U.N. official
back in 2015 said as much and that got the intention of FOX News’s Greg Gutfeld who quoted
her on his show: ‘This is probably the most difficult task… to intentionally transform
the economic development model, for the first time in human history.’ And predictably that
was met with red-bating: ‘Well, she’s wrong, see Mao and the 50 million dead or Stalin,
hell, look at Venezuela right now, it’s a crap show without toilet paper. Seriously,
they don’t have toilet paper in Venezuela!’ Oh, where we’re going, Greg, you won’t need
toilet paper because the whole world will be one giant bidet. You can wash your face-ass
wherever you want.” And again, this is just complete and utter silly nonsense because
the CO2 levels do not drive that of what the temperature is and, you know, I’ve already
shown the evidence of that from NASA. “Beyond the red-baiting there’s an honest question:
if we slow down production will there be jobs? Enter the ‘Green New Deal,’ a plan introduced
by representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and that other guy. The Green New Deal is
a blueprint for a 10-year mobilisation to get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by
taking major steps like moving to renewable energy and building public transportation,
all with the labour of millions of newly created jobs.” The problem with your argument is the
very fact that government destroys far more jobs than what it creates. After all, in order
to create those jobs it has to take the money from the taxpayer and the taxpayer works for
the private sector. So, less money in the pockets of the private sector, that means
less jobs being created in the private sector and in order for government to create those
so-called jobs in the public sector, well, you’ve got one serious question that you need
to answer and that is: how are you going to pay for the massive big bloated public sector
if it’s not for the private sector, are you going to run the printing press? Because it’s
every $1 to the value of the product and for every $1 that you print, there’s 1+ debt added
to the currency; the more that you print in circulation, the lower the valuation of the
currency, that drives inflation through the roof until eventually where people lose faith
in the currency, I wonder what that sounds like again? Ah, that’s right, Venezuela. “‘This
is a call to reorganise and to make sure that we are fighting; for a just economy; for a
just society; a just environment and a just future for the United States of America and
the world.’ mmm, sorry, having an ASMR moment.” Yeah, Alexandria, go tell that one to the
Venezuelan people who are eating out of… go tell that to them eating out of garbage.
Honestly, go tell that to them rummaging through bins. I don’t know what planet you seem to
live on, a just economy, how’s it just; how’s controlling prices above or below market value,
just? If you destroy the information of price signals, how’s that just? The consequence
of people such as yourself having a great deal of ignorance towards the study of economics,
it leads to disastrous consequences and those disastrous consequences you’re seeing in Venezuela
today. “And whenever there’s a plan for massive public investment and putting people over
profit, it scares the 1% and their mouthpieces a whole lot.” When you say that people over
profit, anybody who says that has never even studied prices in their life. Profits are
driven by the people and what are profits? Profits are; what resources you’re going to
use more of; profits are how much is going to be produced; profits are the information
of where you’re going to allocate the resources and, of course, what you’re going to invest
more in; profits also tell the market what you’re going to produce more of and how it’s
going to be transported in terms of the resources. So, see if you take profits and fling it out
the window; how then do you know how much you’re going to produce; how then do you know
what resources you’re going to use? After all, there’s a billion and one different wooden
products out there on the market. So, you’re going to need to know where you’re going to
allocate those resources, you can’t just guess, after all, this contradicts your entire narrative
about waste. Profits that tell you the information of what people want and losses are you telling
you in the market what people don’t want, so, if you got rid of that how the hell are
you for the people? You’re not, you just don’t understand economics. “‘They were looking
for an issue that would justify a hostile takeover of the economy. Climate change seems
scary, so they went with that.’ Oh my God, Tucker Carlson would rather human civilisation
die than live in a more equal country.” It’s rather magical that you say that Tucker Carlson
would rather have people die given the history of socialism where countless millions have
died of starvation as a result of the centralisation of agriculture. “Also, note what’s going on
just to his right, yeah, those are updates on an abnormally large hurricane off the Gulf
Coast. I love how there’s an infiltrator at FOX fighting the machine from the inside and
it’s the weather. It will be hard to reign in emissions and capitalism for that matter,
but it is possible. ‘We must try. With your help, with your insistence, with your organising,
with your demands, with your voting, with your mobilising a broader electorate than
we’ve ever seen before in American history, we do not have to go down that path.’ It’s
too late to stop some climate chaos, we’re living it, but are we going to die from the
things we love no matter how humiliating, will we be the David Carradine of civilisations
or are we going to get real about real solutions?” It’s not a problem that they have these products,
the problem is the inefficiency and that’s not to blame on capitalism, that’s to blame
on you socialists who seem to think that you can control prices above or below market value
causing the very misallocation of valuable scarce resources that Ludwig Von Mises argued
in 1920 in the first place. “‘There’s time, but we can’t do it by just pissing around
at the margins of the problem, we’ve got to go straight to the heart of capitalism and
overthrow it.’ In other words, wouldn’t we rather be red than dead?” One would only have
to turn to that of your own history and look back before that of the United States and
see that in Jamestown in 1607 in the Virginia Colony, despite having a large quantity of
seafood surrounding them, deer and turkey to go and fetch for food, as well, of course,
fertile soil to grow their own food, even the hardest working of people lost the will
to live and died due to starvation and disease. There was 103 Jamestown settlers, in other
words, pilgrims that settled into Jamestown and within the space of 6-months despite having
all of that food, most of them died due to starvation and disease, only 38 survived.
They then resettled another 500 into Jamestown, into that Virginia Colony and another 440
of them died due to starvation and disease. Sir Thomas Dale was sent over from Britain,
he immediately identified the problem, do you want to know what the problem was? The
absence of secure private property rights, the very problem was the communal ownership
of property, that’s right, the Enclosure Movement was exactly what put an end to the periodical
famines. So, how convenient of yourself to speak about red or dead or something. See
if you ever had your way, more than 300 million people in your country would probably die
of starvation, we’ve already got history to speak for itself of how bloody your communism

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