C&C RED ALERT 2 – Soviet Campaign Mission 5 CITY OF LIGHTS

C&C RED ALERT 2 – Soviet Campaign Mission 5 CITY OF LIGHTS

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 released in the 26th October in year 2000 is one of the most successful C&C titles ever released being a crazy sci-fi oriented sequel to the Red Alert 1 released in 1996 While Red Alert 1 was serious and gritty, Red Alert 2 is wacky, comedic and a colorful game We play either as the Allies or Soviets, both campaign have 12 missions, some of them are very easy while others are a little bit harder but still much easier than the easiest mission of Mental Omega 3.0 The game’s story line starts off with the United States Armed Forces caught completely off guard by the sudden massive Soviet invasion of the United States with Soviet aircraft, naval vessels, amphibious forces, and paratroopers coming in on both the East Coast and West Coast and with the majority of Soviet ground forces coming in through Mexico which had recently voted in a communist government The USA attempts to retaliate with the use of nuclear missiles, but Yuri, leader of the Soviet Psychic Corps and Premier Romanov’s top advisor, uses his mind control to manipulate the personnel charged with launching the warheads and leaves them to explode in their silos Within hours, the USA is overrun with Red Army troops. In response, the US President Michael Dugan establishes an emergency response team headed by General Carville and the Commander known as “The Ghost” (the player) to the Soviet army later in the game. If you really appreciate my content and videos, please leave a like and subscribe to it (REMEMBER ABOUT BELL).

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  1. like Westwoods people said: "we want to do the fun for them". and this is the reason why C&C have the best campaings from all great RTS games!


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