Chi Onwurah – Love Socialism

Chi Onwurah - Love Socialism

like it is actually so fantastic absolutely standing here looking at you all and I've got to tell you i cooking metaphorically literally and I have to say I don't often say that about Westminster anymore if the atmosphere in Parliament has been truly toxic these past few months but listening tonight to mile of socialism rebuilt within transform Europe colleagues it's really really inspiring you know as a party our position is in the interest of the country now we have to move the country you know and that is a challenge but it's also an inspiration so I'm the MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central and for those of you who don't know that is proper northern now the north is often represented as being the heart of brexit although I like to point out that it was a Surry stockbroker and a former Mayor of London as the campaign Newcastle voted 50.7% to remain 49.3% to me so straight down the line and every weekend I am out door knocking and I hear from all of the brexit debate I hear including the voters who now want to remain and let me tell you the main voters who now want to be and this Shadow Minister for industrial strategy science and innovation I also spend a lot of time talking to businesses and workers and manufacturers and I want to remind you all here again that the northeast is the only region in the country that runs the export coordinate import despite Thatcher despite these in the industrialization we still make things we still make value-added goods whether it's high-speed trains or Nissan cars for the world and particularly for Europe and Saturday was the doing – garland who's our mystery meds they're doing – Ghana it's a fantastic celebration of northern working class culture and building and making things is built into that and so as a Geordie MP as a shadow minister as a socialist I've come to two conclusions first brexit under any terms would be a serious mistake for Britain and for the north in particular and a no deal base it would be catastrophic but second we can't accept the European Union as we find it today dominated by the failed doctrine of austerity with leaders who are seemingly increasingly willing to accommodate the authoritarian racist and anti-semitic parties of governments of the far-right that's oh and that's one of the reasons why when last year Jeremy asked me to represent labor on the party of European socialists it's called PES it's all the socialist parties and social Social Democratic parties in the European Parliament that was why I jumped at the chance to help build Labour's alliances across you and I want to say you know it's something I've often discussed with Jeremy just last week we were talking about it Jeremy is a real internationalist socialist these are true internationals and it's one of the reasons why labour is so appreciated in pairs in the party of European socialists that the fact that we are the largest socialist party over the largest party in Europe and so Jeremy absolutely recognizes the need for change in Europe and though I've been talking to socialist governments such as we have in Portugal and Denmark and Sweden and Spain who are looking to drive change turning away from austerity and we've also got the socialist parties in Germany and Austria who are actually on the front line of the battle against the racist right so the PES manifesto was heavily influenced by labour up in the European action just gone that manifesto was really influenced by labour down to the strap line for the many not the few and it also included policies like a pan-european minimum wage and enforcing tax dodger justice so there isn't only one who says we have to fight against the Tory bread said and I'm so pleased that we have decided to fight against any aggressive but we also have to fight for something you have to be fighting for something and that has to be to build a better Britain and a Europe for the many not the few that means working with our sister parties on an agenda that strengthens Britain's role in Europe as a manufacturing economy the shadow cast of injustice ready that's what I'm working on and also ensures that the wealth which is curated by euros increasingly productive workforce is shared by the people who create the wealth and it means recognizing the value that migrants bring to Europe and to the UK and it means recognizing that the political choices that drive austerity the dark tax havens that drive technological change that drive poverty and the drive profits so every day you know people in the north and you know we must have the northern voice as part of this campaign every day people in the north are making the and in the Midlands and across the country are making things that you advise but that's not enough for a European Union a 2 Union must be one of values and voice democratic values socialist values of solidarity and inclusion and that is what we mean when we say love socialism rebuilt Britain transformed [Applause]

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