Civ 5 in 3 Mins: PC Master Race Permeates – a Mod – Civilization V BNW LP Summary

Civ 5 in 3 Mins: PC Master Race Permeates – a Mod – Civilization V BNW LP Summary

22 Civs on a Small map! Hopefully the game’s
alright with that. Random settings led to this start The plan is: attack everything And grow, grow, grow Warriors look for more targets Then maul Montezuma City-States are affordable As are boats of death Don’t wanna be known as a liar, so attack! Goodbye Tenochitlan – and hi Korea! The first of many He wants to die! Invest in the best! A Great Lighthouse will speed-up sea travel Jerusalem is “neutral” – sure sure Hey – you want a feast? A feast of blood! The city is safe from attack – right? Let’s attack other cities With boats Assyria looks to be… nearby May have bullied Morocco Hey lady! See ya later, Korea Also fighting the Aztec again He’s not trying for revenge This town is on fire We have “robbed the world of brilliance”?
You were… a threat Now Virginia’s in trouble Elite and Mobilized by turn 40 Oughta attack over here And Virginia You died trying. No more Assyria – he never even got to try
on jeans This is madness Relax Bill, or you’re next. Mr. Khan exits stage left The Spanish incineration These are the people affected by the war. The actual fighting has been off-screen. Bye Mr. Inca! The problem is – everyone is in our way And Shaka would’ve eventually declared war
– it’s Shaka! Same with Spain – huge threat The other empires have help! The Gaming Gods foresee an unpredictable future Well – the Huns were never destined for glory Neither were the Khmer The Portuguese do not have enough men of war
but if you insist Too easy when the Privateers attack the disadvantaged Atomic Era on 54 The skies get smokier Culture gets cultured Can grow tons quickly these days THEN THE GAME CRASHED – reload Re-take Portugal – for… well we don’t
have a reason Plastics soon… also wonders and an airport She disappears from the planet Korea makes the best Bombers They’ll fly over to Rome! Hey Jeans! Culture win Imminent I get it Goodbye Rome! Goodbye Poland! Hey China, nice jean… jacket Bye Russia! We come to free you from yourself Razin’, razin, razin’ Game crashed so reloadin’ Won’t get past this turn! Well that was

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  1. way to leave us off at such a cliffhanger! I want to know where the bee went, did it get squashed? Did it go to his colony? Or did it fly off to Antarctica to start a secret hyperadvanced civilization of beez that is intent on taking over the world?


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