Coordinates of Death (1985 Soviet Vietnam war movie) [Eng sub]

Coordinates of Death (1985 Soviet Vietnam war movie) [Eng sub]

Gorky Central Film Studio
Vietnam Feature Film Studio in association with “Sovinfilm”
Tik Ti Hoang Directed by S. Gasparov
Suan Tian Nguyen Directors of Photography
Sergey Filippov, Thu Dan Production Designers
Pyotr Pashkevich, Dik Dao Directors
I. Sosland, Lin Hoai Cameraman – Ye. Mayorov Music by Yevgeny Krylatov
Lyrics by E. Bass There. Well, go ahead. He’s finished. – Why finished? It’s a position?
– A classical one. In Vietnam, we don’t play European
checkers. I play, only I can’t win. Play a lot and you’ll win. American spy plane
is a bad sign. Your move. – This way?
– Yes, and we go here. I’m only a civil engineer. I never finished any academies. But
I know a thing or two about strategy. Your move. – Know a thing? What does it mean?
– It means “understand”. I was a sapper in the army. We were taught:
A sapper makes a mistake only once. You got it? – A sapper knows a thing only once.
– Wait… that wasn’t my move. I was distracted. They get on my
nerves. That’s why I missed it. I’ll make another move. There we go. Now they’ll never leave us alone.
I know them. We’d better find out what’s going on. Attention! This is the captain
speaking. Orders to the entire crew. Pay no attention
to the American ship. Carry on with your duties. I repeat: Orders to the entire crew. Pay no attention
to the American ship. Go on with your duties.
Everyone go inside. Interested in where we’re heading for.
Signal: To our destination. They demand a report on our cargo. Say it’s a general cargo. – Want to know if we have missiles.
– Tell them “no”. They want us to slow down.
They’re going to check it. It’s a violation of
international law. They say in time of war
the strongest makes the rules. They can’t be called too modest. They order us to stop,
or they’ll open fire. – It’s time to answer them in Russian.
– They won’t understand. Ask them: Are we to interpret this
as a declaration of war to the USSR by the authority of the US President? They advise us to think it over.
If we don’t obey, we’ll regret it. Full speed ahead! Yuri Vladimirovich, wasn’t it a bit too early to celebrate
victory over the American 7th Fleet? They won’t give us any peace now. Excuse me, Fong’s wanted on the phone. We unload at Halong. Fong? Hello? Fong? May? It’s me! – Can you hear me?
– Yes. What about you? I can hear you, too. How is it going? We’ve been blocked by the Americans.
Heading for another wharf. Yes, we know. You’ll unload at night. – Are you all right?
– I’m fine. How are you? – All right. How is our son?
– He’s fine. He’s right here. – Want to speak to him?
– Sure! – He’s a big boy now. Looks like you.
– Put him on. Just a minute. Phuc, come here. – Say hello to your father.
– Hello. Hello, Phuc!
I’m your dad. Dad! Where are you? I’m on a boat. I’ll come home soon. – Is it a big boat?
– Very big. I’ll show it to you. – Why don’t you say anything?
– Goodbye, Dad. Give me the phone. Fong, time to say
goodbye, they need the radio. Don’t worry, everything will be
all right. He misses you, and I miss you, too. Goodbye. If I can,
I will come to see you. – Anything wrong?
– My son hardly knows me. Sure. He was born
when you were in the Soviet Union. You’ll have all the time in the world
to get acquainted. Life goes on as if there’s no war. Captain, it seems
we got the ship unloaded. It looks like it. Too bad you can’t come
and visit me. llya will. He’s staying here. Now it’s time to be back onboard. Form two groups! Get back! Get back, Fong! llya! llya! Hey, guys! They killed the boatswain! Fong, you and your men,
in the lifeboats! Attention! This is the captain,
orders for the entire crew! This is the captain speaking. Crew abandon ship! Captain’s orders! All crew abandon ship now! Attention! Attention! Captain speaking! This is the captain speaking! I order all crew to abandon ship now! Abandon ship! Man the lifeboats! Go on! llya! Can’t save her now, come on! Yuri, we got to go. Captain’s orders! There’s no time! Let’s go! Captain, it’s time to leave.
The planes may come back. – Hello.
– Hello. Our committee at Haiphong has been informed your ship was sunk. A bus is on its way, which will pick you up on the road
and take you to the consulate. Now you can wash up and change. Thank you. Thank you very much. Have a rest. Thank you. May! May! May! Wait! – May!
– Fong! May! Let’s go. This is llya.
He’s here to build bridges. This is May, my wife. – This is Captain Shukhov.
– Very glad to know you. Hello. All of your crew is in the bus.
They’re expecting you at the consulate. Your bus is over there. Shall we go? – Hope we meet again.
– Goodbye, Captain. llya, you’ll go with us. There’s an American actress
visiting our country. I was asked to give her a lift.
Well, here she is. – Fong.
– This is Kate Francis. – Kate Francis.
– I’m llya Krutin. Kate has gone through our country
on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. I’m glad you could see everything
with your own eyes. I want to say goodbye to the Captain. So long! Phuc! He’s over there! Militia personnel! Carry the wounded
to first aid centers. Phuc! Phuc! Phuc! Let me go! Let go of me! Phuc! Phuc! llya, how can it be? The Americans have declared
the blockade of Haiphong, mining all channels
for entering or leaving the port. The USA have requested all foreign
ships to leave the area within three days. They warned that in 3 days’ time the mines will begin exploding. Today, Japanese and British ships
left without unloading their cargo. The sailors from the Soviet Union,
Poland and the GDR have remained. The volunteers are giving us a great
deal of help. Special militia squads
regularly count the mines deployed by the Americans. How many mines did they drop? – Roughly, about one thousand.
– Their reckoning is easy to see. Now Haiphong is our only gate to the outer world. Without arms, fuel and supplies
sent from Haiphong, the resistance fighters in the South
are condemned to death. – May I say something?
– Of course. Our first duty
is evacuating all children. Yes. Then all factories must operate only at night. And we must immediately clear the
port and harbor of the mines. One mine was dropped near the shore.
That mine must be defused. – Fong, you will take charge of this.
– Yes! So far, you’re the only man capable
of carrying out such a mission. Excuse me, but you must realize
what it means. Yes, there is a one in ten chance of
returning. Even one chance in a hundred! Unless he has someone clever to help
him. Then it’s a fifty-fifty chance. – Can you suggest someone?
– Yes. Who is that man? I am. The vibrations of a ship’s engine
set off the mine. This mine is a special one. It explodes after
the third ship goes over. But there are other versions, too. Thank you, comrades. Thank you. Any suggestions? I have an idea, but it’s a risky one.
To explode them intentionally. How? We’ve got motor boats.
Run them over the mines at great speed. It’s not realistic. We have no more than 20 motor boats. The Americans lay a hundred mines
a day at least. It’ll take us a century
to explode all of them. But we can’t sit and do nothing.
Using those boats, we’ll clear the main channels for
the ships stalled at the roadstead. Yes. We don’t have any other solution. We’ll need volunteers. You’ll be in charge of all operations
for removing the mines. Yes! And the commission should think
and try to find a safer way to do it. We have no right to put our men in
danger. And we must solve the problem
as soon as possible. Good luck! Good luck, Fong! Fong, where’s my son?
Please, where’s he? Give me back my son! How can we live now? Where’s my son? – Hello!
– Good afternoon! – Going to your hotel?
– Yes. – Do you mind if we go together?
– Of course not. These people are extraordinary!
They endure their hardships with calm. They don’t have any choice. They’ve
been forced to fight for 30 years. A whole generation
knew nothing but war. They can’t imagine that
there may be any other life. This is for you. Thank you. What brought you here, to Vietnam? Back home, I’ve a couple of kids:
Lyosha and Vanya. Lyosha is seven, and Vanya is five. We mostly educate them with words,
reading books to them. But they want us to be their model
figures. Are you staying long? I’m an engineer. I build bridges. And here they are
mostly destroyed. – I heard you’re leaving?
– Yes, tomorrow. Home, to my daughter. What’s going on? This morning the sappers cleared
the channel of mines. Those whistles are a sign of gratitude. llya! – You’re a hard man to find.
– Hello. How are you doing? – All right. And how are you?
– Well. What time is it? – The press conference is at 2.
– Let’s go. – Zunt, may I speak to you? Excuse me.
– It’s all right. I’m going with my friend and you stand
in for me. These are the plans. – Let’s go.
– Goodbye. – We won’t be late?
– Don’t worry. Drive on. – Your name?
– Roy Jones. – Place of birth?
– Indianapolis, Indiana. – Education?
– College graduate. – Where were you shot down?
– Over South Vietnam. – Your civilian occupation?
– Pro football player. – What do your parents do?
– Dad is a doctor, mom teaches music. – Are you married?
– Yes. In your opinion, why do the American pilots call
this land “Target for Death”? Because it has become a grave
for so many of us. – What is your name?
– Jack Patters. – How old are you?
– I’m thirty. – You ever thought of being a pilot?
– No. I wanted to be an architect. – What prevented you from being one?
– The war. – Who is your favorite author?
– William Faulkner. – How many flights did you make?
– About forty. – Where were you shot down?
– At Elli. In the South. Do you have children? A little daughter. – Your name?
– Willie Jackson. – What do your parents do?
– They’re farmers. – Are you the only child?
– No, I got two sisters. What did you feel when you were
bombing cities? Nothing. I’m used to it. – What schooling have you had?
– High school. Then Military Academy. – You like books?
– Not much. – You have any hobbies?
– I like to hunt. – What would you like to do now?
– Go and fly again. – What is your name?
– They used to call me David McKlein. – Place of birth?
– New York City. – Your parents?
– I was an orphan. – Are you married?
– No, single. – The happiest day of your life?
– I don’t know. – How many “sorties” did you make?
– This one was the fourth. – Your name?
– Michael Quinn. – What is your social background?
– White-collar workers. What made you drop bombs
on Vietnamese towns? I was ordered to. I’m a military pilot. – And nothing else?
– No. Did they tell you that North Vietnam
was going to invade the South? I’m not interested in politics. – How much were you paid?
– A thousand dollars a flight. – The happiest day of your life?
– The day I made my first flight. – What did you feel when shot down?
– Shame. – What would you wish to do now?
– To go home. – Your name?
– Michael Smith. – Are you married?
– I’m single. – Place of birth?
– Carson City, Nevada. – What do your parents do?
– I have only my mother living. – What was your civil occupation?
– I’m a car mechanic. – How many missions did you fly?
– About ten. – Where were you shot down?
– Over Haiphong. – What plane did you fly?
– A B-52. Do you regret what you’ve done? Are you going to make a statement? May, my dear! How are you?
Hello! Well, see you later. How long have you been in Vietnam? Would you leave America again
to fight in Vietnam? – No.
– Why not? – I don’t believe. They lied to me.
– About what? They said no Soviet rockets would be
stationed here. So that you felt free to drop bombs? – You believe the US is invulnerable?
– Yes, I do. And don’t try to make me look like
a barbarian! We came to burn down the plague
of North Vietnam communism. You have two daughters and a son,
six, eight and eleven, that’s right? Yes, that’s right. Would you like to expose them to
the pain you caused the Vietnam kids? There’s no danger of that happening! Do you admit that what the Americans
are doing here is inhuman? Yes. It’s clear to me now that North and
South are one country. I’m convinced that you can’t
conquer the people fighting for their freedom. It’s impossible to enslave the people who take bread from their own children
to give it to us, prisoners of war. Us who came with arms here. Today I return to New York. There, I will try to prove
that this war can bring nothing but shame
to my people. I want to tell the media
that US soldiers are waging war here mostly against
children, women and old people. I will tell the American people
about the Kutti guerillas who dug 250 kilometers of tunnels, and now they live there and marry there and raise children
there and defend themselves from my
compatriots. They are being burned down, smoked
out and bombarded every day. They are being thrown weeds on, to
deprive them of food, but they live on. I’ll explain to Americans that they’re fighting not only the guerillas and
the soldiers of the North, but all the 50 million Vietnamese
who have rebelled against the USA. I have walked the Ho Chi Minh Trail, I visited towns and villages –
I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Old people make homes out of ruins,
children go off on reconnaissance, women are shooting down
planes with rifles. Even Buddhist monks
kill enemy soldiers. It’s not for nothing that our pilots
call this land “Target for Death”. Here in Vietnam, I learned one thing: if no one helped this country,
if Russia stopped delivering armaments and provisions, these
people would not be broken. They would go on fighting for 8, 80, or 800 more years. But they can’t be conquered! I’d like to sing a song, if I may. I’ve written it quite recently. I don’t want anyone to translate it.
I’ll do it myself. Should not a single Vietnamese Remain alive from cruel slaughter, The elephants would wage a war. Should all the elephants be killed, The birds would start to peck
the Yanks. Should all the birds be shot and
killed, The ants, the leeches and the bees
would sting the Yanks. Should all the beasts become extinct, The grass on the land would grow
tougher, And by the nature’s old instincts, It’ll crush the Yanks for those
who suffer. You cannot slash in half a breeze, Nor split the land of the Vietnamese. This people and its evergreen land are immortal! Cast: Krutin – Alexander Galibin
Fong – Bao Viet Kate Francis – Tatiana Lebedeva
May – Van Le Captain Shukhov – Yuri Nazarov USSR State Symphony Orchestra of
Cinematography Conductor – K. Krimets
Song performed by L. Dolina Gorky Film Studio
Vietnam Feature Film Studio THE END

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  1. Fake propaganda. If you notice, all the “American troops” are played by Asians. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.


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