Dream (1941) movie

Dream (1941) movie

One the most dearest films for me is Dream.
It had been photographing in the eve
of Great Patriotic War and had been finished on the night of
June 22th, 1941. This film is dear to me.
To show on the screen such actors
as Ranevskaya, Astangov, Plyatt, Bolduman,
Kuzmina, Voitsik would be joy… Michael Romm Dream It was in the years before reunion of the Ukranian lands.
Thousands of people from poor villages reach to towns
in the searching of happiness and job. Farewell. Break a leg! Will you go through the village? I will. Oh God, save her! Help her in town. Stop crying. The land is two morgue, you know. The horse is dead, the family sows itself. We have nothing to live on. God, save her and help her to meet her brother and find a job. Anna have lived in town for 3 years. In this town there are 5 kostels 2 prisons 4 mills 39 whorehouses 240 shops. She had a lucky in this town. Do you mind? Excuse me, are you from Poznan? I`m not from Poznan. So you are not from Poznan. I am not from Poznan. Maybe you are however from Poznan? Excuse me, what would you like? Black coffee as usual? Cold water? Of course. Beer – 63 bottles Ham – 12 plates 28 herrings Anka, where are your 2 zlotys?
Don`t understand why you keep her there. Yesterday that guy came again,
he offered 3 zlotys for your place at cloakroom. God be with you, Madam! I get hardly only 2 zlotys! Maybe do you want us to pay you? Interesting to know how much landlady pay you
for cleaning your house. Scoop at the kitchen and water from the tap. – May I go out?
– Yes, you may. – Good night.
– Good night. Mister Yanek, good morning! – Ms Anna!
– It`s cold. Tell me why good cabman don`t have a lucky break? I have good horse, good phaeton,
but have no passengers. Good night! “Dream” Mister Lazar, don`t you sleep? I don`t sleep yet. Yes, I don`t sleep yet! Mom! Mom! 50 groszes and 20 groszes, 70 and 5, 75,
75 and 10. – Well, Anka, congratulate me!
– Congratulate!
– That`s all! The project is finished. – Give me something to eat.
– There is only bread.
– Ok. Will I see that factory? Will see its buildings Local railway Will see its machines Do you ever dream? Me? Yes. I do. About what? Would you like an onion? I woudn`t. So do you dream about what? About health and hapinness of all people. And more? For the father will buy a horse. And more? Really. With all your heart
when you don`t sleep at night. Save up money and get married. And that`s all? You don’t call for much, do you? You`re happy, Ànka. Yes. Did you save up something? Yes. 2 zlotys. Take and hide it. How much your money do I keep? 70 zlotys! 70 zlotys. You have a nice setup here. You are lucky at the town. 70 zlotys for 2 years. I got a luck too. All you see around was made by us. We, civil engineers. Yeah? Yes. I have been supported by my mother for 15 years. Nobody know me. However exectly here in that dumpy place in that bum shop mankind steps further forward. Do you understand? I do. We carry it. I move its legs along. Whom? Mankind. Are you there? I heard somebody`s voices. I think where from the voices at 4 a.m. What are you talking about with servant?
I don`t understand you. Mom I finished the project. I have done better than Americans. Oh, I have been listening that for 15 years. Why have boots not been cleaned? – I have just came.
– Who asks you to answer? You are given a rebuke. Listen and don`t talk. What is it? Dust! The tablecloth is dirty! The dishes are dirty! Find another fool to work for nothing. What are you saying? Work and work and the result is only zloty. It`s impossible with these villagers! What does she think, what does she speak,
what`s in your head? What`s in the head, what`s in the pocket,
what`s in the stomach. She need to know all things! At evenings occupants of “Dream” play bingo. 11 86 How much? 86 68 For a wonder since I became a cabman I got no luck. Take attention 32 Don`t smoke, don`t drink. My horse is beauty. – My phaeton is in good condition…
– Have no passengers. We heard all that. 49. Have no passengers. 71 18 Lazar! You are losing again! Already I am going, Mom! This man have no interest in game. Mother never can judge by son`s interests. Right? I never listen to your witty remarks. 90 Mrs Rosa, I need to ask advice of you. Advertisment? 27 Lady understanding in keeping house would like to get strong and secure marriage. 8 Having many children and widowers and jews, please, rest assured. Rest assured… Continue. 15 I`ve finished. You are lucky! Maybe one more game? One card is 5 groszy. – I lost due to your advertisment.
– That`s luck. – Good evening!
– Good evening! I have no small change. I take back after game. Please excuse me but it`s impossible. Why? You are not enough creditworthinessing. – I give you my parole.
– I`m highly moved but I need 10 groszy. Mom, give me 10 groszy. You got your pocket money from me last week. Where did you spend them? Lend me 10 groszy. I humbly ask Mr. Zigmund lend me deposit of 2 cards. – I am not a stranger.
– Right, you aren`t a stranger. But you are dependant for 15 years. Let`s start the game! In that case I`m announcing it publicity you are rotter. Rotter is one who ask money for cinema from mother. A civil engineer! You even can`t buy underpants for yourself! Mr Zigmund! You behave yourself obscenely! Obscenely is to entice suitors charming Ms Vanda but not speaking the truth! – Rude man!
– You entice suitors for dowry. And where is it? – You ate it argree to you ads.
– Rascal! Rascal! Maybe Mister will take box of candies for his lady?
It replaces bouquet of flowers. Drink, drink! Who are you? Why do you let yourself to yell? Don`t worry, venerable Madam. – Or you will take a cardiac rupture
or your eyes will be burst.
– Get out. Don`t threaten me. I am not afraid. I pay you 15 zlotys for my room! – You will hanf yourself sooner than leave such a roomer.
– Treasure! You soiled the room so it`s imposible to enter. You don`t change furnishing for 3 weeks but eat candies. Where do you work? He is a weaver. I know he is a weaver. This is a marriageable girl and I know
she is a marriageable girl. This is a cabman and I know that he is a cabman. – I am an engraver.
– He lies.
– you’re a failure of an engraver
if you hang about in fitting shop! Silence! Let me say and evereything will get right places. You must be silent! You don`t pay for your room for 3 monthes. And, for second, you are a cabman, know your place. Good evening! Excuse me but why so silent in that place? – Good evening!
– Hello! Excuse me how does my sister behave? I don`t let her have a spree. – Go to the kitchen.
– Excuse me. Vasil What’s the row there? I heard police was called. – Protest strike?
– No-no. People live very hard and they want to talk with the owners. After half an hour you will say
you have to go to the restaurant. But you didn`t mop a floor. She will mop, Mrs Skorokhod. You want to say something. Yes, I want to say. I want to say, Mr and Mrs. You were angry, cried for pleasure. Let`s continue the game. You know it`s good idea. 5 groszy for tomorrow. In cash. Young sexy brown-haired… No, too frivolous. I have been writing such ads for 100 years,
but I still can`t. Write, I will dictate to you. Lady with dowry would like to get married. Agree to any age and appearance. Except lepers and madmen. So long as with money. We can`t writhe so. We can`t write so, certainly. But think so, dear. 85 46 Why do you serve? I`m sorry the waiter is ill. So where is the owner? I`m sorry the owner is busy. Water is warm, coffee is thin. Change it. Please. Call me the owner. – Why?
– Call the owner. Why had I been served by doorkeeper? I`m sorry but she ain`t a doorkeeper. Why had I been served by former doorkeeper? Coffee had been spilt to saucer. – Can I change it?
– No. If I, Staniclav Komarovskiy, had been served by doorkeeper,
so let she keeps on. But she have to serve agree to decorum. Change coffee for deserving Mister. Insolence! What is it? Jesus! What will it be now? What is it? – Mrs!
– What did you do?
– I`ll pay you. – I have money!
– What did you do?
– I`m sorry! Everything will be OK! Owner! Owner, get this mad girl out of me! What? What do you need? – Where did he get?
– At wedding. – Who bite?
– Where, who! Police! Where are you from? Why are you not on job? Got fired? I was serving him was serving all to the mustard Glass, napkin, sugar. Smiling properly Please! Please! But he picks on me. Pick on, pick on Grown, fool! Upon myself! Did you say it to Rose? No. Don`t tell it to her, otherwise she will turn you out of house. This is your sister? Yes. Get out for a minute. You said to me you kept a man long. Do you remember? I do. When was it? Last Friday. Who was this man? Such… thin. In dark striped suit. Tomash! You fool! Such a man! Oh I would beat you. How now? She? Damn it! She doesn`t remember. Get out and seat there. Why do you cross yourself? What do you stare at me? Do you know me? – Of course I know you.
– Why do you know me? Where did you see me? Oh. I didn`t see and know you,
and now I don`t see and know you! I see you are a bit of a nuthead. – Can she see me off?
– Certainly. Where does she live? Wherever she lives, she will see you off. Get up. Time to go. She. Go, go, heifer! Coffee for him is warm, water for him is cold! Why are you serving not so? Who is your owner? I get coffee again, bring it again, smiling properly. – He pick on me again, coffee was spilt on the saucer.
– To the left. – Farewell.
– Excuse me! Are you angry on me? I snatched you then at restautant. I was angry of course. I`m alright now. How was you then? Did you make off? You grow up, you learn. Thank you. I won`t be more angry at you. Indeed! Attached to me. You know I am so nervous. He worked on this project for 1,5 year. Did you hear what Mr. Chief Inspector said? Lazar, what did Mr. Chief Inspector say about your project? He said it`s an outstanding phenomenon. You heard that? Mr. Chief Inspector said
it`s more than outstanding phenomenon. – Mister can think it`s an apple but it`s pineapple.
– It`s rotten. It`s not rotten but I will bring another one happily. There are some gossips about your project,
maybe almost genius. In any event my congratulations It`s not accepted yet.
from former artist. – Too early to congratulate.
– But it will be though! – I hope to.
– While you hope I need to conratulate. Mr. Lazar, I`m ready. Nice bonnet. You know it makes you younger. I will need to try it. Lazar, do you get your gloves? Good day, ladies. Good day, Mr. Can I apologoze for a question? Does Ms Vanda live there? It`s me. Stanislav Komorovsky. A businessman. Can I apologize once again for another question? Did Madam send ads to marriage newspaper? Yes, I did. Please, please. Come in. I`m sorry is this your family? No-no, it`s not your family, it`s my hotel. Stanislav Komorovsky. – A businessman.
– Mrs. Skorokhod. – I see Mrs. Vanda is going to for a walk.
– Yes.
– No-no. Maybe Mrs. Vanda will change her mind
and agree to walk with me? Yes, she agrees. Welcome. Don`t let your happiness go. Anka, coat and new bonnet! Umbrella and handbag! Quickly! Wait, Mrs. Rosa. I`m sorry only one moment! – I`m sorry only two words.
– Yes, please. Mrs. Owner can guarantee absolute decency of Ms. Vanda? I don`t keep dishonest ones. – Thank you.
– You`re welcome. Does Mrs. Owner know that girl just hidden was turned the restaurant out with scandal? – What do you say!
– Really. – I knew it.
– You promised to go with me. – It seems to me I invited you first.
– But this is a suitor! – This is a suitor, Mr. Lazar.
– Oh, Mrs. Landysh. You talked to me anout your feelings yesterday. This is real suitor of Mrs. Lazar! Anka! – Good bye!
– Good bye! Where did you go at nights all these days? Walk the streets? I am bringing to him… Bringing pretty. Glass, napkin, sugar! He is here, I am there. – Smiling pretty…
– Just thrilling romance! What did you eat these days? Because I don`t let stealing go in my house. I steal nothing at you. You have died with hunger then! Oh, I forgot. You walk the streets. – I looked for a job.
– Looked for a job. Where? What? – Job doesn’t grow on trees.
– I was promised to job! No, she thinks I`m an idiot! Pack your things! I give you a bed but I don`t keep hungry nor unemployed. If you are ready, Mrs Rosa. – Maybe we will stop this cannonade.
– Yes, I`m ready. – Pack your things!
– Madam! – What do you need?
– I went… Went out every night. Looked for a job. I don`t steal anything. Not a wink. If I ate anything, it had been mine. I`m very… I ask you very much. Don`t let me go. Madam. My kindness destroys me every time. Some time I will die in the gutter because
I will give away all I have. Thanks, Madam. There is yesterday’s soup. You can eat it. Don`t touch cutlets. Lazar, watch over the customers. A certain Roman philisopher allowed himself to mouth: Tell me where do you live and I will tell who you are. Here I live, Fascinating Ms Vanda. We will nest here. I wish to see two qualities in my future spouse: faithful ally of life and virtuous mother of my children. I hope Ms Vanda will forgive my involuntary rudeness. – 200 grams.
– 100 grams. I`m sorry 100 grames. And 200 grams Raspberry Thank you, 200 grams of raspberry. 27, 31. 41, 35 in period. 40 groszy. You just said 35. 35 in period? Love, Ms Vanda, is a sublime feeling and rather alluring. Do you share my views? That`s why I am interested in knowing how do you keep your capital? In stock, in land? Or some paying concern? It`s in the box. Oh, in the box. He kissed me. You lie! I don`t lie! Caught me and dragged to gateway. Embraced and kissed. That can’t be true! You dreamed of it. Big deal! What’s so special about that? His kiss was sweety. Is he a worker? He is, come-hither look. Married? Are you out of your mind? – Are you going to marry him?
– And if so? His kiss was very sweety. These girls are ones of a kind, aren’t they? What are they intended to? While we police search our mind, they did the trick. What did you achieve? Head broken? We did achieve all. We obtained our demands. Is he your chief? Why are you asking? Just need. All the same I will go for a walk with him. Maybe you`ll say he asks you to go to the park. No. What do you mean “no?” I will ask him myself. How will you ask him? I will come by and say: Do you like to go for a walk? He will say: I do. And I will say: Let`s go for a walk with me. And he will say: I won`t go. – I will ask him why?
– He will say: No interest to go with you. Boringly. Meeting have amazed me to the innermost of my heart. This track in my heart won`t disappear. As for business aspect of our conversation,
I will ask you to wait for 3 days. In 3 days I wil be glad to see you
in the resaurant “Atlantic Ocean”. After three days I have to say jury admittedly said your project exceeded all we know in the modern technology. We old civil engineers have to thank you for I would say high aestethic delight. which we got from consideration of your work. The firm decided to build not such factorys at all. What`s “build not”? Why? Building of such factories would call unnecessary responses
of our foreign stockholders. Good evening. Hello. Tell me did you find a job? Tell me when did Vasiliy come by to you last time? On Sunday. Haven`t you seen him since that time? No. It`s strange. Good bye. Do you know… Do you like to go for a walk? Walk? How is it? Walk! Oh, for a walk! Yes, I do. You would like to go for a walk with me, wouldn`t you? Tut-tut! What a strange idea to go for a walk with the man! It`s your whimsy. I`ve got no time. Oh, no time. So if you have no time, good bye then. Left. Dolt! 12 35 Lazar. Mom. Mr Zigmund My project What are looking so? My project was accepted. – Lazar.
– My project.. was accepted. Mrs Zigmund I will build a factory. Ms Vanda. where is Ms Vanda? I will be rich. My project was accepted. I will build a factory. Where is Ms Vanda? here you are. Ms Vanda, my project was accepted. We are going to the restaurant. Anna! Anna! Anna, my project was accepted. – Clean my black suit.
– He will build a factory. – If you will need a cabman…
– Excuse me. I have a headache. I understand nothing. Lazar`s project was accepted. And the team is assembled. There is table. There is the lamp. I don`t understand anything. Oh. Yuzef. There is happiness in our house. Our project was accepted. – Conratulate you!
– Thanks.
– Congratulate Mr Engineer. Madam, police calls for you. What`s the police? When? Immediately. Conratulate you, Madam. My God. What do they… What do they want? Such a day. Enough from them. Lazar, pretty shirt is in bottom case. I believe everything will be over safely. Lazar. Lazar, I`m waiting for Mr Komorovsky. We will have a critical conversation today. Why are you looking so strange? Understand me, Lazar, if I won`t go with Mr Komorovsky Do you think I have to go with you? I will wait for Mr Komorovsky then. Vanda! Ok. I will go with you. Come in. Mr Lazar. – Do you know what?
– What? Give me a job! A housemaid! What? A housemaid. Ok. Ok, I will hire you as housemaid. Really? With washing? Probably with cleaning. What? What salary will you pay to me? Well, say… 20 or 25 zlotys. All found? I don`t know. Go out. Later. What do you need more? Maybe you will give me advance? Take 10. Het 15 zlotys and go out. Here he is. In front of me. Glass. Concrete, steel. Car. I`ll go. Light buzz of motor. Like in a church. Almost silence. Turn to right to the board. It’s written on the board for everybody
to read and everybody readsþ This factory was built on the project
by civil engineer Lazar Skorokhod. Yes. We`ll go. – We are going home?
– We are going home. – Mail are waiting me.
– On silver tray? Oh, these large wonderful letters! I am opening them. The Borzic Company asks to built a factory. Ms Vanda is here. And besides with boyfriend. I`m sorry. What have he talked about? About our new appartment. Yes. I can not be destroyed. Understand me, Vanda. Human thought can not be destroyed. We are sitting there, unknown, beggarly. Among vulgar men. Still we at sleepless night We move forward the mankind. We lead Step, step, step! Step! Champagne! The best! French! Fruits! Pineapples! You don`t have pineapples? So get them! I`m the happiest! I`m the happiest! – How can I help to you? Champagne! Wine! Wermouth! Whisky!
– Pour! And you, Mrs Chief Inspector? Ms Vanda, I would like to say you long ago His the whole is yours. 25 zlotys. Aha. – All found.
– Today. – Cook is separately.
– Let me say to you. You have to silence at all. First off, you are a cabman. Secondly, you don`t pay for you room for 2 monthes. Let me to say. OK, talk. – Ms Anna.
– Well. – I…
– Well. Well. I say nothing. I will say myself. Marry me. Where is your Vasil? – I don`t know.
– Oh, You don`t know. You don`t know that he`s arrested. Who? Vile creature. How do you like it? I am called to police now. They tell me that I will be careful
with this girl. Idiot! – Why didn`t I turn her out of the house?
– Mrs! What will be with Vasil? Now I`m running to the prison. And I will learn what will be with your Vasil. Pack your things! You will take your passport in a minute. Sorry for turning not her out of the house… at Sunday. Stole! Robbed! Burglary. – Congratule me! A thief in my house.
– O, I say, Madam! – Be a witness, she broke open the chest of drawers.
– This is my money! They are from the chest of drawers,
they smell of naphthalene. – Mr. Lazar gave them to me.
– Stay in the doorway, let no one out! – Madam, this is my money!
– Mr. Zigmund, call for police! So red-letter day! When the project was accepted from Mr. Lazar. Robbed the owner! Stay! Mean creature. How much have you stolen? How much have you stolen? How much have you stolen? Mr. Lazar gave me 15 zlotys. Rat! You will say me Mr. Lazar broke open the chest of drawers. The better we will go to Switzerland. Silence. Rest. And no one have to look somebody in the eyes. Mr. Lazar, we need to dance. Or let`s go home. Home? How don`t you understand I can`t return to home? Why will I go home? – Sell apples?
– They look at us, Mr. Lazar. No. The better I will be dead with hunger. – I will pave driveways.
– Why? I don`t understand anything. But you are rich. Who is rich? I`m rich. Bill! I need to talk with the owner. Please. I`m listening to you. I don`t have enough money. 40 zlotys. Why have you ordered champagne and pineapples? When no money, order beer and herring. – Order nothing.
– I am a civil engineer. – I will pay in a half an hour.
– Willingly believe you. But until money won`t be there,
your lady sits in the restautant. With whom are you talking?
It`s beggarly tramp. He sells rotten apples near the synagogue. His lady will sit there til the second coming. Would you please! Don`t shout! This is not a market. Do you have a watch? A cigarette case? A ring? Have nothing, Mr.? You`ll have to leave a hat and a jacket, except Madam. Admire! Swindler! Charlatan! You are crying in vain, Madam. The tears of unfaithful don`t penetrate into my heart, never! Mom! Give me 40 zlotys. Give me 40 zlotys, sooner! Give me 40 zlotys, Mom! I need 40 zlotys. – What`s with your project?
– It is not important. Give me 40 zlotys. – Give me 40 zlotys.
– Look into my eyes. Where did you get money? Thief! Robbed your own mother, rascal. Go away. Why are you keeping silent? Look at him. Look at my son. I don`t sleep at nights. I was nearly starving! You are not the son of me. – Rascal! Home thief!
– Let me go! Lier! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go, Mom! – I will die here!
– Let me go! You will come to money over my dead body. – Over my dead body!
– Let me go! What is it? I`m watching didactic home scene. Enough, enough. Enough. Let me introduce to you venerable people. which helped me to free this sad sacrifice of thoughtlessness. Shameless girl. As for hat and jacket Mrs. Owner can take them to sink the debt in “The Atlantic Ocean”. And you Mr. Rogue I advise you to get money when you will go to restaurant. And even more – with lady. What about my place? Is it not true? Therefore you lied to me. You had given to me stolen money. Mr. Lazar, shame on you. You will come near here, villein! Don`t shout! I will go away. Mr. Lazar. Give me my money. What the money? Mr. Lazar took into his charge 70 zlotys from me. Did you get money from the servant? I spent it to drawings. Did you get money from the servant? Mom. Mom, for God`s sake, give her 70 zlotys. – For God`s sake!
– Madam, for God`s sake. – He got money from the servant.
– Madam! No, I won`t live this scary night. Madam. Think, what will be with me? Give it. Have you took the passport? Go away! All right! I hope you choke on my money! Eat them! Eat! All the same you won`t be happy! Call the police! Old witch. It’s time to go belly-up for you! But you fear for your money. Nobody on earth needs you and your money. It is disgusting to look at you, old so-and-so. Anna, come to your senses. What, come to your sences? All you nice here! You have run wild like wolves! You only call yourself humans! You will gnaw through your throats! No happiness to you! And won`t! If I have money I will give alms to you! Rotter! Dog! She did well! All is the truth! Attagirl! She have said the truth! From word to word! Stay here, I will take you. I`m putting into now. I will take you where you wish. Even on the end of the world. You know my money is finishing,
I can`t search for suitors any more. I lost a suitor because of you. Such noble, such rich. Go to your suitor. I`ll go. I`ll go. And I will find him under the ground. Go to your suitor or go fly a kite! Charlatan! You are a fake Mr! – How dare you sauce her!
– Shut up! Stop. Enough. This damnable your store! Your apples! This money! Money, zlotys, groszy. This damnable college
in which I took my engineer degree! I want to live! And work. Work and live! Is it really not impossible? I am 40. Where does Mr. Komorovskiy live there? – Mr. Komorosvskiy?
– Businessman. Oh, Komorovskiy! Now go through this court. After that another one. – Then turn to the right and upstairs.
– Thanks. Excuse me. Does Mr. Stanislav Komorovskiy live there? A bussinessman. No. This is you? I`m sorry. It`s me. Run! Do you feel how I`m driving you? Attagirl! We`ll go to the right! Attagirl! That’s just about the limit. Marvellously formed. Passionate brown-haired ready to do everything. Still unknown unearth passion is waiting for you. Respond to the address Post Box 17. Jesus. What should I do? Have you seen my body matured for love? Children and age don`t stand in the way. God! Help me! Pious young Catholic With young skin and magnificent and velvety body. Search for imposing Christian protector. Everything is wrong. All it was. All it was. Was! Was! All it was! Was. I graduated from academy in Vienna. Nobody helped me. I haven`t got father nor mother. No inheritance. However my name have been written by gold on marble board in the hall of the academy. I lived in Paris for 7 years. Renoir himself shaked my hand. And now Zigmund Dombek repairs primus stoves. In the outskirts of Europe. So I ask you who have to yell? I or Mr. Lazar? You talked about yourself right. Tell me why all this? Why? God gave you a loud voice and clever brain. What for this mean life? Think, Mr. Zigmund. I can do what you want. Even tin pans. But thinking is not for me. Is Lazar there? I`ll go mad, I don`t know
where I can find him. Ms Vanda! I`m sorry. Is Lazar at your place? Editorial staff of “Marriage paper” with deep regret
reports about unexpected death of our patron Ms. V. L.
commited suicide for unknown reason. There are 5 kostels, 2 prisons, 4 factories and 240 stores
in the town. Anna wasn`t be able to find
neither job nor refuge anywhere. I want It seems Mr is boring? I`m guilty towards you. I`m very guilty. I will pay you back. I will not return home. That`s over. I better will be dead with hunger
than show myself there. I will go away. Where? Very far. Abroad. To Russia. To Russia… I`m told a lot of factories have been built there. Let them give me a job. I`ll build such a factory world never seen. I`ll make my passage money. And I will return you 70 zlotys and go away. Mr. Lazar You know what… What? I don`t need 70 zlotys. Take me with you. You? What do you do there? I will work! I will your servant. Mr Lazar… Take me with you! I will work for nothing. For bed and eat! Mr. Lazar! I will be done for! Well, will you get it? 2 zlotys, cash front. Mr. Lazar We need to sleep.
Mr. Lazar. Are there many cities in Russia? A lot. Big? Sleep. There are big ones. Mr. Lazar. Is land in villages good there? Will you sleep, won`t you? When will we go to? There is begging. There is vagrancy. What will you be going to do then? I will say to you. Steal! We have looked for a job. Those who look for a job find it. – I have been looking for a job for 15 years.
– Oh! Maybe you don`t like our orders? Maybe you don`t like us? Why do you have to be liked to me? God damn you! I let you know we are on-duty. I and Mr. Penman. I wish him to be stuck to his chair, your penman! It`s worth to write. As long as I live in town nobody says a good word. Who says fool and cow, woman. It`s nothing. You will find your happiness. God grant. So you lived alone at strangers`. Worked since morning till night. You saw only your brother. Is he a good man? Very good. – Why has he been arrested?
– You see, Anna, how can I explain you? They went to him. Bad men went to him. Bad. By the way who did you meet at his place? – I?
– Yes. A lot. Could you identify them? Of course I can. Call the prisoner. Turn away from the door. Look here. You lived at stranger`s place. Worked. So look now. Look. Did you meet this one? Did you meet him at brother`s place? – This one?
– Yes.
– No, I didn`t. – Didn`t meet?
– I didn`t. Wonderful. Get up! So, Anna, Pole. Maybe you did meet this man at your brother`s flat? On strike`s day? Look carefully! OK. I will have a look. I don`t know him. I`m sorry that I have not known him before. – Thank you very much to meet this lady.
– OK. If I were without handcuffs I would go for a walk with her. Enough! You will have time to go to the end of the world. You don`t know? Wonderful. Don’t you dare beat her! Lazar, I have known all about your act. It`s nothing. You might be absolutely calm. I`ve brought you an orange and chocolate. I paid well, and after 2 days you will be able to come home. Mom, I said you I won`t come. I don`t believe. I won`t come home. I know everything. Yes, I know I am mean, stingy, envy, petty termagant. But I all my life worked for you. I know it, Mom. Thanks. Come on, you know nothing. You know nothing, workshy person! Look at my hands! I was a laundress. I washed dirty soldier underclothes. I mopped floors in public conveniences. I didn`t eat anything but bread for monthes. Had we always got bread? My boy. I worked. Worked, worked. For you. All for you. I wanted you to study and become a civil engineer. That you would be clever, pure, rich. I wanted you to be happy, Lazar! Don’t torture me. I can`t return. All right. Then explain me, you, civil engineer. Why has my life been wasted? Explain. Because I`m not such competent. I can`t myself understand it. I will never come back. It`s nothing, nothing. When you will be very hungry you come back home. I know you. After years dreams of many generations of
Ukranian nation had come true. The land of Ukraine
were united. What happens in the town? I don`t understand anything. Zigmund, sit down. Look, do you remember Anka? – Which Anka?
– The one who worked for me before you. Remember her? The same Anka? The same Anka orated in the theatre.
She spoke in front of 2000 people, no less, I swear to God. – Which Anka?
– I could not believe my eyes. Where from so many words at her? She is a ordinary village girl. – Oh, the same Anka!
– The same Anka. Which didn`t be able to clean shoes. By the way why are you cleaning shoes in the dining room? How many times did I speak to you
there is the kitchen for this purpose. – The kitchen is dark.
– No one tells me about that. Even for Anka there isn`t dark in the kitchen. I`m sorry for keeping you waiting. – What is for you?
– A glass of water. Today everybody is on the street. Hard to stay home. Would you like an apple? Fresh rosemary. Good day! Anna. Hello, Anna. Hello, Mr. Lazar. Where are you from? Where you been? How many years have not I seen you? 3 years? 5 years? Did you spend long time in a prison? Almost a year. A year. You still sell in the store. Yes, I still sell in the store. Sit down, here, here. Let me give a look at you. How you`ve changed. And I? I`m told that not much. You still sell in the store. Yes, I still sell in the store. I have not taken drawings in hands for 5 years. My projects lie about in the closet. Tell me about you. Mr. Lazar. I would like to ask how are Mrs Roza and Mr Dombek doing? Alive. Where do you work? Tell me all. I would like to know all. Mr. Lazar, I would like to know about one man. Do you remember? Tomash? Tomash. – Tomash.
– We spent time in the prison together. Krutitskiy? Yes. Did not you read in papers? He was executed. I often remembered you, Anna. Remember how we dreamt about escaping there. And even was going. Begging. Say what you like. And dreams and life are very different things. Though you never really wasn`t be able to dream. You always dreamt about small matter. About father`s horse buying. About everyone`s health. By the way did your father buy a horse? You see we didn`t go away. And now Soviet are there. Why did not it happen 5 years ago? When I wan`t able to sell but I was able to dream and work. Are you still not married? I knew it. Where do you work? How wonderful factory! Where is it? In Katovitse? In Poznan? So it means you still have gone away then. Have gone. On foot. The sun wasn`t. It was raining. Went and went. And gone by. And now you from there. Yes, from there.

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  1. Everything is false and constructed, the same theatrical spirit and pace such as in the Jewishly (pseudo)artistic Weimar flicks!


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