Human Centered Capitalism – The Rise of Andrew Yang

Human Centered Capitalism – The Rise of Andrew Yang

now one of the answers it seems to me is
a guaranteed annual income a guaranteed minimum income for all people and for
all families of our country supporters call themselves the yang gang they chant
power point as rallies and wear ball caps with MATH on the front for make
America think harder. welcome Democratic candidate for president Andrew Yang
please welcome Andrew please join me in welcoming Andrew Yang to the stage what made you want to run for President? so
imagine being the guy who’s getting medals from the White House for creating
jobs around the country realizing that your work is like pouring water into a
bathtub that has a giant hole ripped in the bottom I’m a parent I’ve got two
young boys were six and three and I’m not gonna bring them up in a country
that’s going to fall apart around them we need to evolve as fast as possible
I’m running for president because I’m focused on solving the problem that got
Donald Trump elected in the first place in 2016 the reason he is our president
today is that we automated away four million manufacturing jobs we started
with millions of manufacturing jobs and now we’re going to do the same thing to
millions of retail jobs call center jobs fast-food jobs
we’re in the midst of the greatest economic greatest economic and
technological transformation in the history of the world what experts are
calling the fourth Industrial Revolution fourth Industrial Revolution the stuff
that got Donald Trump into office is just going to accelerate capitalism
right now has become this winner-take-all economy if we continue
just to see ourselves as inputs into the giant capital efficiency machine we lose
we need to make this economy work for us because if the economy doesn’t work for
us what’s the point instead of using GDP and capital
efficiency we should be using things like how our kids are doing our own
mental health and freedom from substance abuse average income and affordability
clean air and clean water and then use those as the actual measurements of
economic progress the slogan for my campaign is humanity first we’re all
human beings we all have equal value and we need to start acting like that yeah
Democratic presidential candidate Andrew yang wants to change the way we think as
a society he’s put some ideas on the table that most politicians have not
wanted to talk about he’s really been campaigning on a platform of ideas only
person talking about all these creative solutions you actually thought you could
get somewhere with us well I was apparently correct so what I ask for you all tonight is for
you to take this new vision of the economy this trickle up economy this
human centered economy this vision and make it yours yang does beat Trump it’s like a game of
rock-paper-scissors and if Donald Trump’s the scissors I’m the fucking

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  1. The Freedom Dividend. Data as a Property Right. Democracy Dollars. Ranked Choice Voting. Automatic Voter Registration. These are just some of the reasons Andrew Yang is the guy who needs to be our next president. He's the smartest, most forward-looking candidate in the race and we'd be fools not to elect him.


  2. Fellow Americans, please pay attention to what Andrew Yang is saying.

    His Freedom Dividend ( $1000/month for all adults) is the right solution for the inequality of wealth and the massive job loss due to automation ( 4th industrial revolution ).

    Freedom Dividend will give a real power to people. His policies are centered at the Humanity, which means "Healthcare for All", "Happiness measures in GDP", "Power at the hands of People".

    Andrew Yang is shouting the 21st century solutions for the 21st century problems.

    $100/year Democracy Dollar for every citizen will wash out the lobbyist money by factor of 8:1 to prevent corruption.

    "It's not left, it's not right, it’s forward". He should be the President of America and other nations will adopt his policies.

    We can make a world better for ourselves and our children by voting for Andrew Yang.


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