International Democracy Day: Get Involved #DiscoverDemocracy

International Democracy Day: Get Involved #DiscoverDemocracy

Hi, I’m John Penrose, I’m the Minister for
the Constitution, and today is International Democracy Day. It’s also the opening day for
nominations for the Discovering Democracy Awards. So if you think your school has done
something particularly good in engaging pupils and getting everybody involved in democratic
processes, then we’d love to hear from you. You can also use the Rock Enrol! materials
that we’ve produced but you may be using other things too. Either way, we want to hear from
you and we look forward to receiving your entries soon.

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  1. On this Day, September 15, the International Day of Democracy, the Communities of the Baha’i Faith around the world work toward that time when all of humanity will peacefully, in unity, govern itself with a global parliament, that is… “a spiritual democracy for the down-trodden and the outcast.” – Baha'i Thought


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