Ivanka Trump Thinks Democracy Is for Losers – Fox News

Ivanka Trump Thinks Democracy Is for Losers  – Fox News

Since Congress announced a formal impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump has remained largely mum, publicly, on the prospect of her father and employer being removed from office But on Thursday, shortly after the House formally endorsed the proceedings—which Republicans had insisted for weeks would be the only way they’d accept them as legitimate—something broke inside the first daughter, and she could no longer bite her tongue Smoothing her freshly bobbed hair, we assume, and pasting the text she’d found by googling “smart quotes about politics” into Twitter, she clicked “send” on this: https://twitter com/IvankaTrump/status/1189928762370142208 The tweet is amazing for a couple reasons, the first being that Princess Purses’ reaction to lawmakers voting to move forward with a process laid out in the Constitution is to insist that these jealous losers are obviously making stuff up about her dad Second is the implication that Donald Trump, a man who would sooner die than read a book and thinks a clause in the Constitution is “phony,” has a lot in common with one of the founding fathers And finally, there’s the incredible fact that when Ivanka went searching for her “screw the haters” quote, she landed on one that was part of a letter written, most likely, in response to claims that Jefferson fathered a child with a slave—something that would now be considered rape considering the slave, Sally Hemings, wouldn’t have had a choice in the matter In fact, those claims were entirely accurate! https://twitter.com/RachelLarris/status/1189951527714250752 Anyway, stay tuned for next week when Ivanka tweets the inspirational quote, “The man who has no sense of history is like a man who has no ears or eyes,” without realizing it was said by Hitler  If you would like to receive the Levin Report in your inbox daily, click here to subscribe More Great Stories from Vanity Fair — How one industry is bleeding Wall Street dry of talent— Ronan Farrow’s producer reveals how NBC killed its Weinstein story— Ivanka’s $360 million deal is raising eyebrows at the FBI— The big turn for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign— Why a leading neurocriminologist left Joker completely stunned— The Fox News movie’s uncanny depictions of the network’s drama— From the Archive: The real-life story of the security guard turned bombing suspect at the heart of Clint Eastwood’s latest movie Looking for more? Sign up for our daily Hive newsletter and never miss a story Most Popular Ivanka, Unironically: I Got My Moral Compass From My DadBy Bess Levin Ivanka Trump: Let’s Focus On the Shootings My Dad Isn’t Responsible ForBy Bess Levin Ivanka Trump’s Forgotten Modeling YearsBy Erika Harwood

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