Labour humiliation: Thornberry’s Brexit point sparks Twitter fury – ‘Out of your depth!’ – News 247

Labour humiliation: Thornberry’s Brexit point sparks Twitter fury – ‘Out of your depth!’  – News 247

 The shadow cabinet minister admitted that Prime Minister Boris Johnson “might have enough numbers” to get his new Brexit deal to a second reading in Parliament However, she said she did not believe there would be enough numbers to get the deal passed after amendments had been made to it On Saturday, Mr Johnson wrote an unsigned letter to the EU asking for a Brexit extension  However, this was followed by a secondary note urging EU leaders to veto the delay  Speaking on the show, Ms Thornberry said: “They’re going to try and bounce us into passing an enormous piece of legislation in what, five days? “I can’t see that happening  “I think they say they might have enough numbers to get it through the second reading  “Let’s see.” She added: “But let’s say that they’re right – I don’t know if they are right – but let’s say they do have the numbers, they have then got to get it through and there will be a number of amendments  “The point will be if there is a big enough group to pass it through a second reading  “Will they stick together if there are all these amendments going through?”  Her comments sparked anger on social media as users condemned her thoughts and Labour’s position  One wrote: “Entitlement, arrogance and total disregard for democracy on full view  “Worrying that we have allowed such people to represent us. “Perhaps we should remember the old adage ‘people get the government they deserve’?  “We must change our politicians at the next election ” Another said: “Only way out of this is 100% a general election, labour will be in big trouble ” A third added: “Thornberry is the modern politician. “Out of her depth and full of s**t Listen to the voters!!!” It comes after Mr Johnson was told he could face “guerrilla warfare” over his Brexit deal after the DUP threatened to join forces with Labour to back a customs union  Senior DUP figures threatened to back proposals which could prevent the UK from pursuing its own trade policy, a move which could sink the Prime Minister’s aims to deliver Brexit by October 31  Mr Johnson could be forced to pull the legislation required to ensure the UK leaves the European Union on time if MPs were to back an amendment for a customs union this week  The Daily Telegraph were told by a senior DUP figure on Sunday night there were “multiple scenarios with multiple options for us to resist Johnson’s anti-UK deal” Trending

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