Most deaths in WW2 💀🇷🇺 Soviet Union, UK, or USA?

Most deaths in WW2 💀🇷🇺 Soviet Union, UK, or USA?

There are two things you are guaranteed to
see in almost every Russian city. The first is a Lenin statue, most likely
standing on Lenin square. And the second, is a massive world war two memorial. So why are these war memorials so prominent
in Russia compared to other countries I’ve visited? The answer might be… in this graph. If one looks at death tolls, the USSR, at
over 25 million, has experienced over twice as many deaths compared to the next country
China with 11 million, and almost four times as many as Germany with 7 million. If we compare the USSR to its allies, the
United Kingdom and the USA, we have to focus on just this part of the chart, and then bring in a new chart, which is measured not in millions, but in thousands. Which is not to disrespect those counties
with fewer deaths, but rather to re-callibrate our Hollywood educated and western-centric perspective regarding what we know about the Second World War.

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