Mowgli. Raksha (1967). Soviet Cartoon with professional English Voiceover.

Mowgli. Raksha (1967). Soviet Cartoon with professional English Voiceover.

A man? A man’s cub? A man? I have never seen one before. But how naked! Give back my quarry! The man’s cub is ours! Do you… not understand? It is I Shere Khan who speaks! And it is I, Raksha the Demon who answers! The cub is mine. And mine alone! Now go while you still can! We will see what the pack will say at Council Rock! What will the Jungle say too? So that’s what a man’s cub is like! What wolf could ever boast of having a Man in his family? I think I’ve heard of something similar… Yet Sher Khan is right… He must be shown to the Council. Lie still, you little frog! Huh… little frog? Mowgli! Mowgli is what I’ll call you! Mowgli! Mowgli! Mowgli! Mowgli… Mowgli. Yes… But what will the pack say? Among the wolves now lives… a man-cub! – We don’t care! – Don’t care! – Don’t care! A frog, a man-cub! Bananas! Bananas! Bananas! Ikki! Ikki! Ikki! Ikki! Ikki! – Ow! – Oh…! – Ow! – Oh…! O… – Ow! – Oh…! There’s now a man-cub in the wolf pack! A Mowgli! A man! – So what? – So what? It’s a shame to the Jungle! Stop babbling, you! Ooooh, glorious Bagheera! It’s you I was looking for. Can you imagine? There’s a Man living with the wolves! A man? This is interesting! Where did he come from? – He is Shere Khan’s quarry! – What? This murderer is hunting Man again?! Through here passed Ikkie the Porcupine. Whoever picks up his trace… and finds Ikki first… The Wolves’ family… has taken in a Man! A Man in the Wolves’ family! Ow! I said to find Ikki, not capture him. You are never letting me finish! How many times do I repeat? Wolves! And a Man! Wolves! You are the Free People! But there’s a family among you that has taken in a Man! – Shame! – Shame to the Jungle! – A man to run with the wolves! – Quiet! – Quiet! It is a shame! – Can anyone even do that? – What’s going to happen now? To have a man in our midst! Enough, calm down! It will be as the Pack’s Council says! They’re coming! Coming! I think… Look hard, wolves! Arh-whoooo! Good hunters, these! But… there is… a Man here! I am against the Man! Yes, they will make fine hunters, but the Man must join his own pack! Who will speak for the Man? Who will speak for the cub? This is my quarry! I want it back! Will anyone speak for this cub? He shall not be killed! He shall live! Though this battle should prove my last, he — shall live! Man… Cub… Mowgli… I will speak for the cub. He will be useful to the pack! I myself will see to his education. This is my quarry! Anyone besides Baloo? Give it back. Akela… and you… the Free Tribe! The Law of the Jungle says… Everyone for themselves! That’s the Law of the Jungle. Everyone for themselves! – So it is! – Right! – Everyone for themselves! Queit! Quiet! What are you, man-eaters? Only Shere Khan and his lickspittle friend the Jackal are capable of that. – Hear! Hear! – Right. – Indeed. – Right, right. The Law of the Jungle says that a cub’s life can be bought. – Speak then! – Speak, Bagheera! To these words I add a bull,… – Right! – That’s by Law! – Right! …that I have just killed. What say you, Wolves? No quarrell with us. Let him be. What matter… he will scorch in the sun! He will die in the winter rains. Where is that bull, Bagheera? Over where the river turns I’ll be just a minute! I’ll just see where they went to. Let Mowgli run with the pack. Train him, Father Wolf. All right then! I’ll get you anyway! Go on now, roar! He’ll grow and have you by those whiskers yet! Or I know nothing of Man!

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  1. I am russian and I may say for sure this voiceover is pretty good. Author covered all words and intonations very close to original. But! Only one voice unfortunately. If there was at least 3 this would be perfect.


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