Opinions Of Social Media And Others ❤️

Opinions Of Social Media And Others ❤️

so throughout my entire childhood I was always very comfortable in front of a camera making videos productions doing all sorts of notice just now when you decided to breathe you turned your mouth away from the microphone yeah good so as I've gotten older and I'm a hairdresser I teach and do venues and events speak on the stage I've noticed that social media has become very important to be filmed which would be the manifestation from my childhood it's a dream come true I can film everything every day and then the followers happened and then the likes or the dislikes happened so the more I shared the more if it wasn't like I got discouraged we do want to hear from you but we just want to point out that that's exactly what we were talking about as we were beginning you're human you're doing that human eating thing so you're not paying attention to what your inner be your inner being is inspiring you to new things and you're having new discovery and new expansion but by caring about what everybody thinks about it it can go well or it can go back and until you're stable in how you feel about you until you know for sure who you are some of them that don't have any capability whatsoever of understanding who you are are going to tell you who they think you are which is really not any of your business or there's really but you're asking for it so since there could not be a better way to start this day because think about this what are your options how are you can explain to all of them no I really am good I really am good how you can explain that to all of them that's why listening to your own ear being who knows who you are who's walked with you every step of the way who knows everything that you lived in every piece of expansion and here's the most important thing your inner being never looked back and when you do is to try to justify where you are your inner being only knows what life up to now has caused you to ask for and your inner being gives undivided attention to that undivided attention to that and when you deviate from that you don't feel so good we want to hear more from you but we just wanted to get that out there fast before the car got too far down the hill yeah and that's what I'm really open to is being an open channel so I can hear my source when I do share my love to be an open channel you just have to be aware of your gut you just have to be aware of how you feel when you read some of those comments and it feels bad to you do you understand why it feels bad really really really why it feels bad no it's because your opinion of what they're saying your opinion therefore about you because of what you're reading about them saying it's so different from what your inner being knows your inner being isn't going there and when you do you cause separation that's why it feels so awful mhm and you couldn't if you have this lifetime and thousands after it and you do you couldn't make them behave so do I participate with it that's the question if it doesn't feel that good even though I love to do productions or is it just finding a different platform we have a question for you first and if you'll answer ours we'll answer yours do you think it's worthwhile that you went to all the trouble of being born into this body into this physical time and space knowing the freakiness of the masses knowing the incredible diversity and likelihood that most of them would not be able to get you yes then we think social media is just fine for you okay it's sort of just the new version of the math you have to come to the place where the opinion of others isn't what drives you here's the clearest cleanest easiest way to get this when you are awake you are always offering a vibration and therefore you are always under the influence of whatever is coming in response to that vibration so a question to ask yourself is are you under the influence of your inner beam are you thinking the kinds of thoughts that your inner being thinks about this and that or are you under the influence of social media and that's not to say that you always feel terrible when you're under the influence of social media we're not making them out to be the devil there is no devil we're not making them out to be a source of evil we're just saying that if you will ask yourself when you feel that negative emotion what influence am i under and realize that you're giving up being under the influence of your inner being and trying to take your cues and clues from others Jerry used to say to Esther it was a game that he played quite often in a restaurant where there were four bread plates on the table and he'd say to Esther you and I have a particularly good relationship and here's why I think it's so good and it would take one bread plate and lay it right on top of another bread plate and he would say see how compatible we are about all the things that we think about about how we feel and then sometimes Esther would tease him and just move it off kilter just a little bit she'd say well except for that one thing are there but a good fit in other words lots of compatibility and then he would say with some people we're like this and other people we just barely touched the edge and some people there's just nothing in common at all but what happens with so many humans is you want everybody to be this fit and if they're not then what do I need to do so that you'll be like this with me I'll change I'll be whatever you need me to be and you and you and you and you and you and you until suddenly there are so many of them that you've got to give that up because you can't so then you take poles you try to decide you try to decide what you need to be and pretty soon you're not having very much fun in this life experience because in your quest to find others to find something in you that they approve of you lose your connection of your inner being who knows who you are and is with you about all of it you see so we would say about social media or anything where human is involved get your footing first and then dart in dart out dart in and art out gained your footing and then have exposure to them and sometimes Esther will say I'm all alone sort of like and I don't want to be another time she'll say I'm all alone and that's a damn good thing I'm all along it's just me myself and I it's just us guys all in the harmony with each other but when you're stable once you've practiced being in alignment with who you are you can go anywhere because what they think of you will not take you off your kilter it won't upset you because what they think about you hasn't got anything to do with you it's all about them it's all about how they feel all right so now we're gonna really get into this you ready every subject is really two subjects it's like a stick where on one end of it is what you desire on the other end of it is the absence of what you desire can you sort of understand that so when you feel particularly frisky when you are thriving can you understand that someone who might not be thriving might take offense at your thriving because you have activated that stick and caused something to activate in them and they associated it with you because they felt better before they noticed you thriving and so don't like Jerry had a concept that he offered to us early on we talked him out of it after a little while but what he was proposing is Abram don't you think that there should be islands of incarceration so robbers all go to the same island and they just take things from each other and rapers go to the same island they just rape each other and murderers go to the same Island and they just murder each other and we said those islands already exist but something that you're missing is that one who fears being raped will be on the island with the rapers and one who fears being robbed will be on the island with the thieves because you get what you think about whether you want it or not and a hush came over the crowd well it's worth thinking about isn't it and so there are these vibrational Islands what we're really doing here is the best job that we've ever done of convincing you to give up the fruitless and futile effort of trying to please others and that does not mean being considerate that does not mean be your worst self and go out and do that to the world that means tune into who you are and do that to the world because if you're not wanting to be under the influence of finding the appreciation or approval of others but instead you're tuning to your source and that love that your source energy is a vibrational match with so that you are solid and consistent in that vibration vanish you go out into the world when you're misunderstood you understand that you're being misunderstood you don't take it personally because you've got solid footing because you know who you really are and you're not any more trying to get your solid footing from those who are wobbly and don't know who they are and that's why you're mad at so many because they're not solid enough to give you what you need from them but you're looking for love in all the wrong places you're looking for stability in the wrong place you're looking for approval you're looking for likes in all the wrong places [Laughter] yeah okay to tag on to that in addition to that there's been a topic around lately if you are successful you attract other successful people are you buying big at interrupting art yes I knew it one sentence and then will give it back to you success is joy period success is that alignment and that being in that world aligned its feeling who you are is that confidence in knowing that's that point of Attraction success is being a vibrational match to your own vortex that's what success is we have never said that before that's our forever standing definition of what success is success is a vibrational match with your vortex that's what success is which means everything that you've ever wanted of course it's easy to understand why you would think it's about the money or the material objects or even about the recognition but it is about being a vibrational match to what your life has caused you to prefer and ask for successes and satisfaction to is moving in the direction of who you really are not looking back at who you used to be not justifying where you're going by explaining how much worse it was and how much better you deserve success and satisfaction are about moving and not about getting there just moving in the direction of who you really are and what you've asked for those longer than one sentence but we got carried away law of attraction does that so finish if you can so you're responsible solely for your own vibration in your own manifestation nobody can help do that for you it is a soul soul or source so a lot of people help you there's lots of influence and positive influence and support but you've got to set the tone of what you want to attract so if you're feeling sort of vulnerable in the insecure what island are you on and who are you gonna match up with and how much help are you going to get from those that feel the same way you do where your inner beam is focused upon who you have vibrationally become people mean really well and people are really lovely and we do not mean disrespect when we talk about your human e but in regards to what is your guidance and where to look for or where to feel for for your sensitivity about where to go or what to do the long and the short of it is if it doesn't feel good you're moving in the wrong directions so when you're reading some of that stuff and you get that feeling and you start feeling so discouraged that you're not even sure that you want to continue that's where you were at the beginning of this conversation discouraged by those who don't know what they're talking about who are not tuned in tapped in turned on who are not vying for your success who are justifying their lack of success with their criticism of your success far enough to help poor people become prosperous or sick enough to help sick people get well or sad enough to help sad people feel better you have to be what you would like them to also be and when you be it they might in a weak moment when they're not defending and justifying and pushing against who they really are when they've just awakened because everyone's tuned in sometimes you might catch them in a weak not resistant moment and they might get a whiff of your success and it might uplift them to the success that they want and when that's what's on your mind as you present the things that you present because you are an uplifter to the very core of your being that's who you are you are a teacher teach your teacher teach your teacher that's who you are and teachers got to teach right and some of them are ready for you and some of them aren't and you cannot evaluate the success of your teaching by those who are not ready for you well I thought if I could

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