Sadashiva’s Concept of Wealth and Economy

Sadashiva’s Concept of Wealth and Economy

If you understand the Sadashiva’s concept
of currency and Sadashiva’s concept of wealth and Sadashiva’s concept of economy. i’m defining wealth as per Sadashiva from
Agamas. You’re ability to intelligently enrich the
society in some form,enriching does not mean only through teaching. It can even be stitching their shoes.Even
that is enriching.Enriching in some form , enriching the humanity in some form and doing it very
intelligently and inspiring the humanity to contribute back to you so you can continue
to enrich,thats it. That is wealth.That is wealth consciousness. Thats the strategy for wealth.Currency is
modus operandi ,the methodology through which interaction and transaction happens is currency. If the wealth conscious is awaken in multiple
people and you make that currency more current that is called economy,that’s all. Understand I have defined these 3 words clearly. I’ve clearly defined these 3 words. Wealth,Currency,Economy.End of the day, just
if you’re existence makes money you will not be bothered about money. You will you are very consciousness will live
wealthy. The economy Sadashiva is teaching is neither
capitalism nor communism or socialism it is responsibilism.The responsibility you take
that decides the kind of the wealth going to be around you

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  1. Nidhyanandam. Out of the world definition of wealth, currency and economy. Only an Avatar. Can give us such an profound unique. Explanation of complicated economics words.My millions salutations to you Swamiji for this very enriching. Experience.


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