Slavoj Žižek – #3 Left Strategies | Linke Strategien (OmU)

Slavoj Žižek – #3 Left Strategies | Linke Strategien (OmU)

I like to designate myself as a pessimist communists that is to say problems we are facing are typically communist problems but what but I think and this now become to the less popular aspect I think that the left did not yet really fully assume the fact that 20th century is over but this I mean that all three not only two formulas how should I put it or organizational principles of the 20th century left on the one hand of course state socialism communist Stalinist state socialism on the other hand it was clear soon after the event that it’s known leader that social democracy is also in a crisis that is to say this idea that you do modest reforms playing the multi-party game and now comes the touchy point I also think it’s more and more clear if you see how Porto Alegre Seattle movement get got exhausted that also this vague idea of anti state local self-organization you can put it as Soviet councils self-manage of local communities this is good insofar at is fun but let’s be clear this is not a universal model here I don’t agree with Negri and Hart who are waiting and I think they will be waiting very long because it will never come for this metric moment well multitudes will take over the entire field I think here we are back to the problem that i evoke Gramsci ill nova organ i think that we really have to start rethinking from zero point because this is the tragic situation on the one hand we need it’s clear at the level of biogenetics ecology new forms of apartheid we need not only state even more we need transnational global large-scale actions all that delation stupidities you know propagated by Negri of how molar large scale is bad we need self management self-organization of local communities this is good but again it’s not the answer just think about ecological problem imagine the Fukushima earthquake tsunami and so on just a little bit stronger and the northern half of Japan becomes uninhabitable for 100 years where will the Japanese move who will organize this and so on and so on we will be getting more and more of this kind of problems or for example this is kind of a public hickory but everybody knows that those in power are not totally stupid they knew that we already missed the boat the moment for to really fight global warming in in this way of you know reducing carbon monoxide blah blah so what they are seriously planning now or my friend I still have some connection in politics are telling me DS Jo engineering is not the big world large-scale intervention into nature like really influencing global atmosphere for example the idea is to spray to spray water or sand into the air to deflect sun rays or kind of an unimaginable large-scale interventions of course these are extremely risky who knows what will be as we like to say the collateral damage no it may be another of those stories of operation succeeded the patient dies that will say yes they will lower carbon monoxide all disappear what I’m saying is that it’s an urgency it’s clear we will terribly need large-scale organizations at the same time it’s clear that the market doesn’t work here in again I honest I don’t underestimate the market at some level where it works market should be used like if some product pollute excessively why not include into its price but when you have real global problems like for Fukushima and so on you know we are in a situation where you have to act quickly you cannot say okay we have competition before competition select the most efficient way we may be all dead and so on so there and this is for me the big enigma we will terribly meet large-scale mechanisms how to do this without falling into technocratic authoritarian trap let’s take China there are good things now they like to boast how you see with us it works they like to boast now how precisely their authoritarian state can efficiently solve ecological problems at what point it works for example I was surprised I was back in Beijing five years ago and a year ago five years ago it was horror you know all that dust and so on like a moonscape now it’s much better because simply by the order of central government they move out heavy industry they planted a couple of millions of trees and so on on the other hand do you know that another of those small news that are not too much report do you know that what till now was dismissed as paranoia of some critical intellectuals now finally the government admitted it that the Three Gorges them is an ecological and social catastrophe they admit that what even I thought maybe the exaggerated geologists a little bit dead because this big artificial lake with his mega four hundred kilometers in length it’s just above crucial cliffs break in the subterranean structure that if not triggering they contributed to the strength of the cheat sheet ruin you remember earthquake two three years ago that is to say he and again it’s not we didn’t know it no my friends in China told me this geological community large majority was warm about this that the second tragedy the pollution of Yangtze River is so horrible because of this damn point 3 the most tragic because of the dam all the water there now that they have a relative relative lack of rain lack of water the effect on the lower part are much worse so they will ooze horrible like 40 percent of the wheat harvest and without the dams the cost would have been much lower not to mention the fact that Yangtze River is the main Chinese artery for for transport on boats and now the level is so low that you cannot do but they admitted it you see where was the public use of reason you were not allowed to debate now they are paying the price so here I’m a pessimist again this is for me communism not dream of a future world communism are these problems which concerns us comments and we will need radical global mechanisms for large-scale action I don’t have easy answers team all I know is that and this is my pessimism this is my answer to liberal friends who claim but are you aware aren’t you utopian no as far as it functioned I have nothing against a good efficient welfare state Social Democratic it’s coming to an end I think this is why ironically in one of my books which will now appear in the different version with with official I said the future will be socialist or communist by socialist I mean the best thing like National Socialist either a new form of authoritarian regime or some communist invention and this should be I think our appeal to liberals if you really care about what you claim you care real social freedom not this obscene freedoms that any authoritarian regime can give you the freedom to use drugs you have sexual orgies my god every authoritarian regime knows to do it friends from Chile were telling me the first thing peanuts and it is to liberalize drugs and and and pornography friends from Poland told me euros else Kiku data in 80 81 82 all of a sudden free drugs everywhere pornography not these freedoms true if this should be our message to liberals if you really want freedom only we a more radical left can provide it otherwise liberalism will lose the battle with new forms of authoritarianism this is my pessimism of course I’m not a short term catastrophe I’m not saying here you know all these 2012 projections note I’m just saying that something horrible will happen you know the mechanisms of claims are very interesting how this was nicely described by people like birdsong and so on how you think something cannot happen but all of a sudden it here and then you say oh what’s the fast it’s not as bad as we thought and so on if we will play too long this will be the destiny of democracy like this like no you don’t remember you are too young I remember still 20 30 years ago there was a kind of a political consensus in Western Europe that extreme right-wing parties have no place in government like we tolerate them out of democracy okay you can have this dead lepen or what but no place in government and did you notice how slowly they are normalized like in Austria hiders people did get into government in Italy fini neo-fascists are in government this is what interests me something appears as impossible now we will never allow this and then all of a sudden its normalized and you don’t even know then of course people say but they are not so bad no they are the same as before we changed we change our standards and accept that this is normal I claim again that this is what is happening slowly with our democracy it’s more and more getting the becoming this sceptic cultural the you know the big debates about and not making fun of it we should fight these battles but they are not the Kiba no gay rights abortion all that stuff or cultural topics but you know the real large-scale power decisions economic and so on even in ecology I claim we have incredible science of material strength of ideology where ecology is usually falsified in the same way you know of course states are talking about it but it’s all more or less like you remember there was two years ago that Copenhagen meeting and the result was what they agreed that they will meet in two years again and this was felt as a success but what are we getting instead of this big decisions we are getting this lifestyle ecology ah did you throw that bottle away or did you recycle the did you recycle that this is pure ideological mechanism of making us feel guilty but at the same time of bribing us to make us feel good like you know you don’t have to change really to change your lifestyle just buy organic apples recycle and you did your duty and so on and so on this is material power of ideologies

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  1. Seriously? At like 8:52 Zizek says that Pinochet liberalized porn and drugs and that authoritarian regimes always do that.

    Last time I checked Pinochet made it illegal for women to wear anything that's not a dress.


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