"Socialism and the Media" Panel at FreedomFest – Featuring Adam Kokesh

"Socialism and the Media" Panel at FreedomFest - Featuring Adam Kokesh

let's start with the director of movie we just saw and comment on the aspect of the media reporting from your film what struck you about how the the famine of Ukraine Kazakhstan and the rest of the Soviet Union was reported in the media you know man first saw heard about the film focused on the like wouldn't the first moment I was thinking about Walter right so although there is no direct event but focused in the same techniques have been used in terms of depicting certain realities becoming more and more dangerous now the Internet with the immediate spread of information it was really under your skin you can all are manipulated in many ways by by by Facebook by social networks not even television so I think that as I said briefly in the beginning the film this film he hasn't been shown in Russia intended I have a lot of hopes that it will be shown for many reasons but we'll see and how about the the film tank man when it will be shown tomorrow give us a preview of that another media reported that whether it was fairly or unfairly Indians were well it certainly depends on which media talking about in the case of tank man so the international media actually did for you Joe they celebrated the bad image and spread it around far and wide and it was quite inspirational and just about every place in the world except the places where it happened in China because the clear type control which the government has over the dissemination they've done any number of different types of spins on it one time they had shown the footage and they said they used it as an example look at the restraint under which our soldiers act you know just done what wonderful humanitarian fellows are in the People's Liberation Army that they chose not to run over this person there are other times of it could characterized that individual it's common here from Chinese that back today was clearly the same person who walked in front of the tank but but yeah they really only showed that as far as I know my national me in China wants and that is to say that 17 of their soldiers were so wonderfully restrained it's interesting to see now though that how little has changed especially in regards to the protests in Hong Kong there's just so much misinformation I would consider it being spread in China I was just in the Hong Kong it was in some of the protests to compare my experience with what you read about it Chinese papers what little is there but you know that these are clearly Western instigator Malone that's yeah I don't know what the CIA is up to and none of us probably do they could have some sort of but there's a lot of people regular people there millions that are generally going out there and getting the streets to to engage in math and most again police in the situation where a lot of the international press is doing pretty good job in covering it but of course the the Chinese crisis is doing about the same thing they didn't make it either well there's there a case to be made such as the Vietnam working or living rooms which may have contributed to it ending sooner that it might now and the case that of Tiananmen Square was in our living rooms maybe the carnage was less than it would have been maybe China would have cracked down harder where the cameras not there it's that's possible but what I mean I don't think crackdown me about his hardness as one could you know I mean the the estimates of deaths range from 300 witches I think into 2 to 300 is with its official Chinese government estimates of death are up to 10,000 10,000 might be a little bit wrong but it's probably in the thousands at least 11,000 so not an insignificant number of people maybe they had exercise self-restraint I think judging from the footage and there were some great recent footage that came out by Arthur Kent that out of Canada from 1989 and you recently released in early May and to me it shows it seems like they had no they're not really paying attention to the fact that that this was going on and I wonder now if they aren't that much more guarded you know because they recognize the possibility of things being exposed to the world but well it seems like a short war as opposed to the 10-year Cultural Revolution in which nobody saw anything behind the rice curtain or whatever you want to call it and no in in the Western world people were kind of revering about all the campuses anyway his little red book and mouth of t-shirts and so forth during the Cultural Revolution I didn't see any real support for uh for done shoppings tanks during the Tiananmen Square you know that's true yeah I mean the rest the rest of the world I think was quite at this point I need to make saw themselves into the students as well as things and they weren't just students they were average citizens down there as well but I think there there was a sympathy an actual send to be that people felt you were in Iraq with the Marines and Nelson who came back running for office what is your idea of the the median treatment both of the war in Iraq and of your run for office here and you've had some run-ins with the media haven't you well I was afraid for saying that I was the only person on this panel who hadn't documented some great socialist historical atrocity and then I remembered all the videos I did at Occupy Wall Street so I was also a participant in a great socialist war crime and rebuilding of Iraq and at the time actually I was Pat this appointment when I was in Fallujah I was in Civil Affairs actually wrote a letter to Time magazine for not covering the the socialism that we were bringing to Iraq with rebuilding and nation-building through the military but I think what I've learned from really like all of those experiences but having been on the inside of one and then be on the outside and now as a candidate seeing what the motives for the military are anew for people who don't know my background I did a TV show it's our team Erica for about four months before being cancelled for political reasons imagine rushing today we don't like it when you're critical of food on their TV network so many go over too well but then I did a independent podcast and YouTube channel and and having covered all of that I think what I've gained is unique appreciation of the motivations of the media and a lot of us try to really oversimplify the goal of the media's and corrupt institutions the tool of government is the servant of the establishment but there's still businesses what we see in the decentralization the opportunity and media with the Internet is the motivations behind everybody or participates in media from business to producers of content to consumers is a real shift that lays bare those motives as libertarian making media out and felt like I was making a crutch for people who hardly knew how to walk in the sense that most people in the United States who consume media don't do it to be informed it should be no surprise right why do people watch Fox News and MSNBC it's not because they want to be informed as efficiently as possible it has comprehensive the worldview and real villains going on it's because they want to be told oh you're right about everything it's okay don't refuse correcto X they keep going to work and go to the mall mall yuki-onna movies and then keep voting for Democrats and Republicans and that dynamic is shifting so much time off that really answers your question but that's that's my takeaway is to see that when you understand that there are those motivations behind those those three elements the business the content creators and the consumers who media you can analyze it and see what those motivations are so the past and we can talk about they work we've been at historically I'm just I'm really excited about where we are out as a third party political candidate that we see now there are opportunities to connect with people like never before you know I went to they have Soviet Union Moscow and st. Petersburg in 1986 and with some freedom fighters like Larry Reid and Jerry Pogue and Senator Steve Sims brother and a lot of high school students including my daughter and we went to Prague that boy did we have some great arguments there and probably had all these posters around about Americans sleeping under bridges homeless we had our missiles trained on Russia an item in all the propaganda coming out of there I made the movie to see it just came out they said you know unemployed actors with those beautiful apartments how can that be they should be sleeping under bridges that's propaganda you're putting out these movies all that stuff these great arguments we had and can imagine these free freedom oriented figures there's we offered actually all kinds of scholarships for these students to come to America of course their handlers wouldn't even hear of anything like that it was a wonderful trip but I wonder what it was like growing up in Lithuania right at the door to to the Soviet Union in those air times before I have to the fall of the Berlin Wall if I have a propaganda are you getting enough from the Soviet side or human in a little closer closer so they had youth magazines the youth magazine force and the lessons about age ten was called the little star it was like a knockoff to u-boat without sex drugs that was propaganda one could say propaganda well done they were sort of tap into your natural curiosity well these guys fighting Nicaragua what are they or why is the criminal regime of United States supporting those killings what's in the cannabinoid and things like that so Soviet propaganda pretty well really sort of don't want attach it good label to it but socialists totalitarian to be a really good at propaganda there's one thing and second thing I think the West underestimates to what lengths these kind of countries are gonna willing to go to deceive foreigners we have all these get that vanilla see articles about them a foreigner in America and American teenager who visited the auditorium whether she did not I don't know if that was the fact that all these words see youth magazine they would bring it how the American teenager was impressed by a lot of Education in Soviet Union and etc so I think one lesson to take from all of our experiences whether it's Soviet Russia whether it's some of the population right now or even North Korea in places like that they are really willing to fool you guys it's not just something we can talk about by it so say there was one body Fox's another way when we talk about propaganda coming out from the east it's not the bias it's a state direction to go that way but at this place is called the twelve factories where the government actually engaged money to spear certain people or hold certain people in social media and once again this is not a clique made for Nike commercials this is a great bait to I persuade collections or just so chaos whatever let's say that if you want to go to the European perspective many of them extreme of fringe groups the bureau skeptic fringe groups the among freedom fighters fighting against centralized bureaucracy the reason why they English you have been Union this month because of bureaucracy but we want more bureaucracy which currently we never have because of you regulation something that thinking of the investors especially special comment mean upside now we might dislike our own government sometimes we might have some critique towards it but if we treat our them and critically we should also take other governments critically as well so the enemy of my enemy is my enemy that's the least important things and you can begin lining up for questions now but I have one general question for any one of the panelists bringing it up to the present how'd it come you see the media bias in terms of various atrocities and one Libyan terrorist groups is and if I be given a free ride for instance and how about the atrocities against Christians around the world is that being ignored versus any atrocities against Muslims or Jews or any other group is there a double standard in the reporting of about violence around the world in various media outlets anybody want to tackle that one well just real quickly on that certainly in the United States I love that you said anti-fog because I hear empty and I'm actually good for more ways than this perhaps there me roll them back the others there's a sort of veneer of political correctness that you can put on in the United States that still has as much as I would condemn Trump's state assume I can appreciate how he has genuinely challenged that sort of political correctness that still dominates and stills of course of anybody can kind of you know put that on and say no I want you know I'm a minority and I'm suspending the politically correct and that I'm Annessa Chumbley of that and then it does you know kind of get people to back off still in general if you can say like a lot made righteous because I'm being politically correct I'd like to think that's baby I think it's a diva if you're looking for moniker so what would be like a First Amendment but I mean is worse than political correctness political correctness weather like in the autumn ourself down that usually defaults work or verbal outrage what's happening twenty but today they have graduated from verbal assault to physical assault and then people actually getting beat up journey Lisa getting beat up and then definitely CNN just have a one I think CNN today credit they did a report on that but it was one well imagine that saying if we get of the journalists here with them do what yes I think there is a degree of double standard some people still think well maybe they're misguided and eyelashes now they are the fascists themselves and they use the guise of political correctness to say that the defendants preached free speech at the bar and the worst thing watching you move around it would 2018 that if that is not as for 21st want some kind of what it it's a bubble wing but the imagery is very clear it's you know it's fight against the rich Democrat they're sort of that they're ending the battle cry of a movie that the Robin Hood he says and we all love for some wealth redistribution I have my seatbelt on a really good point I think I would take it to the next level here and say that the political correctness that I'm describing is not just about terminology or ideology it's a culture of kind of emotional manipulation and emotional bullying and that's really what an Tifa and people are politically correct in that SJW crowd rely on that you're wrong you're a bad person or you're the asshole if you don't respect my feel sure they go on one thinking but just to give some credit right I do think it is due to a modern liberal media is that they are still willing to it attack listen if I'm speaking about time specifically in the eighties and now their totalitarian aspects they're willing to take to task their violations of freedom of speech freedom of press and all sorts of other aspects that compose that certainly you know the socialism and the communism in the economic sphere don't seem to bother them that much that's obviously what we part ways but I am grateful that they aren't willing to just give China a pass on our actors because they're gone when we practice people just do it alone the film's is risperidone a moment somebody may remember them in the late seventies there was cereal with Meryl Streep Holika this pillow was shown it's about the family who used this this film was shown in Germany and been here tonight it was seen in a short period of time and 20 million people and it created the whole discussion in society about the role of this isn't because until late seventies there was still even want a shade to remember of your laziness and many other strange things happens in many way it was almost it was happening in so Indian Russian are what happened in Germany in the late seventies and eighties but this film itself with a such a shocking effect on society which made it to reconsider its past and people started changing their personal responsibility although they were not part of the nation but they considered the sin of their personal for a family fault and and from their time is your father become global phenomena important for Germany and Germany can a very I would call pacifist but when this combination after started to two world wars and I think that now it's time maybe to do someone film I don't know how to do it I know that there are people in California who consider it but a new film about communism socialism community globally about its role and about before the first question different countries between between work and he happen to be very recently in Hong Kong and then he went to Beijing and he visited Tiananmen Square and he actually he was actually air people is a place' a video that was just sort of shocked and even though it was thirty years ago and in the video was it was like an ocean an Aussie guy he had an accent whatever and he was talking about it and he talked about how gruesome it was waif worse than anybody has been told where the tanks would not only go over the people but then they would back up over the people together this flatness they could so that the bulldozer could bulldoze them and they would incinerate the bodies and I just didn't know if you have knowledge of that or can verify if s accurate or not and I also and my real quick question was do you know with the fellow that was obviously that build in front of that tank later on gun run over or whatever waffle WAFF counter I wasn't there so I have no I with this testicle but from what you're describing it sounds to me that that is likely what happened that basically they were incinerated put in mass graves things like that images are scraping up the lines afterwards it was really just yeah and what I recall I think the number was close to 10,000 that was in that video it's one of the estimates I think it might be a little farther out there there's only kind of one source that gives that estimate as he replicates the afterwards so it's not impossible but it might be a little extreme but regardless it was a not insignificant number of people as far as that that gentleman we don't know we see him kind of be guided off of the road by some other fellows there are some people who say that was the secret police you know that he would have been disappeared from them I like the response that if he watch the footage the secret police never would been so gentle with him in the way in which these people were kind of guiding him off so I'd like to I stick with the story that that it was people who were like okay like he did you think get out of here before you and more trouble we don't know there's all sorts of speculations but none of it's been confirmed some people say he's a guy working in Taiwan but we just don't know thank you taken looking forward to the Dalton thank you next question yeah I'm talking to ten hands part as well as forward properly I have a unique history I would say mouth was coming this leader and led a trip to Communist China when I was 26 years old and then with the Communist leadership so I have a pretty unique expect upon it but my question I'd like to ask the whole panel is besides the media with the tech companies in particular Google and Facebook what role are they playing in propping up and support and communist countries like Communist China and known as a compass station going on now where Peter Thiel was raised that question in particular with Google but I think there's a lot that these tech companies are doing to support these communist regimes and obviously this money is the big reason for it but I love your opinion on all that thank you one thing that I've observed and just seeing the large tech companies interact with government is that we know the government's put pressure on that we know that governments have demands of them even in the United States even in Europe which seems very open and we have to assume that in governments that are more closed off that process is happening in a more closed off way and fundamentally what that means is that the we'll control those large corporate entities for the ones who are willing to play ball you know that I don't know this is a you know there's some rumors going around recently that even Mark Zuckerberg having taken technology from MySpace wasn't really the originator that that you know that was a creation of something where governments saw hey here's this technology isn't the social media concept and Mike's makes is blowing up and we need to control this well let's get our version 2.0 out there with our puppet we can control perhaps and again like looking Google as the leader there we've seen the support of the the heads of control for Hillary Clinton or various Democratic causes and I don't know if that's their intent or if it's someone goes to them and we all know the rumors about the Clintons right you know if they come to you with the gun in the night and say you're going to do this you're going to die they have some credibility in saying that and I think the people who end up in control of those tech companies like I said the ones who are willing to play ball and you have to put yourself in their shoes and say like if you were the one who created that it was responsible for that technology and someone said well we'll let you nominally be in charge but you're going to do what we say now because you're too big to allow to actually be a free market entity you're now essentially going to be the extension of everyone control same thing happens in China of course the time it's worse where they have the direct monopolies over social media with you know the state version of Facebook the state version of of Twitter so you know and what you see there is the consequence as you know across the surface when you have dissidents with force impressions on TV emerged stay out of jail it's a it's a scale word yeah you can you can spit the elephant in the road with the sheet over it you can still see the outline those pieces together you can see the answer so as a person you have a spine progress but self-centered substantive self kind of censorship it's much easier to play ball principle it's much easier to be the nice guy who is shakes hands before the leaders granite confronts them so I think lose Liberty it's not for more on that we have a film on Saturday is called the creepy and I Facebook the time one more question shades is subject a little bit how many do all perfectly in any Jacobson she's written a book called Operation Paperclip her information has to do with the ten to twelve thousand Nazi scientists who came to America after World War two one of them was Fernan von Braun who was an SS officer and was involved in all kinds of Holocaust items what my question for you is they came here for two purposes one for the rocket program that's number one waited what does scientist here number two was to introduce mind control to our government so think about this MKULTRA what happened with the LSD in the military in the sixth nineteen sixties so when I'm curious about the five gene that's coming out is the completion of that program for my own control of the population of our people if you don't know about five G it's not a good thing it's terrible but comment on what you think about the Nazis come in here our government given the witness protection program and using all their medical experiments or to conceal the Japanese medical experiments you can see they're all by the government comment on that please I don't know much about I do know that there are some concerns about who's coming over from China apparently you know what this what who the students are whether they're students and you know what they need to do well here on top of that there are these groups that the Chinese government has set up public Confucius Institutes on from various campuses and what they basically do is keep track of what their students are doing hearing how they're behaving what their responses and it's creating the great chilling effect on their international students you know particularly nice people ones who may be here with professors I know that told me that sometimes they will get a very enthusiastic student who may be citing freedom ideas and the other students will be cycling because they don't want to get in trouble they don't want to get associated with that person if that person really is some rebellious freedom-loving person or that person may be a narc and they're trying to ferret out people who are in opposition to the Chinese regime so it's a it's a it's very disconcerting just how deep the Chinese government influences and think it's effective to John's question briefly the the Chinese state version of Facebook was shut down from Judy first to about June 7th it just so happens that June 4th the anniversary of Tiananmen Square falls in the middle who shut down for maintenance that entire time this is something that this is like a regular occurrence I think because you cannot mention there's a alcohol brand and that has six four in their label Judy Forks they've been shut down and prosecuted for basically crimes against the state just for having those numbers on it now it was certainly they were intending to have the message stack together they thought but I mean that's how deep this right we need to break for the mix but look at that on the network well when I was in the Marines I volunteer for the unveils or program my trigger where it is yeah okay now I appreciate your question but I guess no not as fans of I'm kale sure here okay where's some in the back yeah okay thanks well to what you said about the effect of World War two the Germans that came afterwards to support the military industrial complex in the United States there's a lot of pervert stuff and I make a joke about MBL's are very deliberately to point out in contrast what we experience is dehumanization of the enemy in our training where we were taught to use racial slurs we were taught to shoot at body size target your body shape targets and you've probably all read the statistic that from World War 1 through the modern era the rate at which soldiers in combat actually pulled the trigger on enemy combatants has gone up as a result of conditioning and it's a direct overt mind control that they engage in where it world were wanted was something like only 10 20 percent of the soldiers actually shot to kill the enemy the rest for shooting the mess you know the extreme you know over their heads things like I said so it's so against our nature enhancing to take the lives another human being on behalf of the government especially in that circumstance and it's taking the conditioning of improvements and techniques of how to get soldiers to kill over the the past hundred years it's gotten that rate up to like 90 plus percent and use I think was call for one thing this is the comparative statistic and that analysis and what we see now is that that dehumanization is only capable but is only possible in isolation when they're able to isolate when I was in to bring us back to the subject of the media in the child halls in Iraq they were playing Fox News and Fox News was to fair and balanced so they had to change it to the Armed Forces Network all propaganda all the time and that I halation is not possible anymore in the age of the internet and to your point silliness about the the self censorship is as much as that as a threat the manipulation that we see around the margins from social media censorship and on a floor Fischer is here another person who should have been on his panel great independent media personality who's done a great job covering a lot of the the public conflict on the fringes of late that there is censorship there isn't a monetization there is an obvious social media networked information being taken down but again if you look at the historical perspective you look at what was possible in the past that kind of censorship this doesn't fly anymore we live in a world but the truth button that's one click away you can find that out and the dehumanization that is made possible because of that condition because the government even that the internet that free flow of information the ability connect they wanted a war with Iran for how long now but you can Skype somebody Iran and saying okay you all hate all of us because of our freedom phone out there they're lying to us about that too how about that the Internet is a humanizing effect that counters all the d2 Muniz ation the dat condition and the manipulation of the media that makes these atrocities possible just it's going away we live in a beautiful world I think we're come to the end of that era [Applause]

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