Soviet Burger

Soviet Burger

Hello, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! On this episode we’re making a
special dish – Soviet Burger by
Eastern European. That’s why I and MO are wearing
some special clothing today! We
are all dressed-up! Dressed-up nicely! Okay, so what will need to make
this dish, MO? Minced pork. Mh. White bread. You can use black. Yes. An egg, garlic. We’ll use garlic and mayonnaise
to make the sauce. Salt, pepper, oil. We’ll prepare the meat now. So,
we’ll add some pepper. Let me
know how much is needed, MO, according to your opinion. It depends how you like it. If
you want it to be hotter, when
add more of them. What do you think? Is it enough? Add a little bit more. We’re adding some pepper. Okay. Yes. Some salt. We’ won’t be adding a lot of
salt, because… And… Won’t the egg be too large? And we’re cracking the egg in.
We have 200 g [7 oz.] of minced
meat here. I’ll get rid of some of the egg
white, so it wouldn’t be so
liquidy. We aren’t using all of the egg… Not all, Romas. it’ll be too… It would be too much… And mix evrything well. We’re adding the mayonnaise.
Here’s 1 large tablespoon and
some more. Yes, that’ll… Around a couple of teaspoons I
wanted to say. And… We’re adding some garlic. We’ve garlic sauce. Do you think that’s enough? Okay, that will be enough. Okay. We’re mixing everything. The meat and the sauce are
ready! We are turning the heating on. We’re pouring some oil in. Eastern European says the
larger, the tastier and that’s
the better. And we’re adding the patty. Look, it hasn’t heated up yet. It’ll heat up soon. And it’s sizzling now. We’re turning the patty over. This is how it looks. Your patty looks really well. And we’ll fry it for another
4 minutes. Yes. Our patty is done. We’ll take it
out now. And we’ll leave it to cool off
a bit. The patty had cooled off. We
are adding some of our garlic
sauce now. We’re adding the patty on. Add some sauce again. If you have some sauce left,
you can put it on the patty. Here you are. We’re adding the bread on. Let it be tasty for you! This is how our Soviet burger
looks like. Look at it. It’s simple… And tasty. And probably tasty! And of course it’s time for
tasting now, but before that…
One thing… Yes. Ammm… We can try it now. It’s difficult to take such a
large burger. Heh. Mh. Is it fried? Mh. Hehe. … Open it… Yes… I have to open it up… So, it’s a really tasty burger. So… Come on… You know… It’s you walking back and forth. So, thank you, MO, for making…
This tasty Soviet burger. Thanks
to Edgaras Marcinkus, in other words, the creator of
Eastern European. So, thank you, Edgaras, for this
burger recipe. Thank you viewers for watching,
subscribing, liking and until
next time. Bye! Bye! Here you are, MO, try some of
this Soviet burger. I won’t be bitting it off. I’ll
have decency maybe… Okay, don’t bite it off then… Hehehehe… How is it? It’s tasty! So, thank you Edgaras… For
this recipe… It’s really tasty! You can taste mayonnaise,
garlic, everything. Okay, let’s talk about meat
then. It used to be a typical
patty, right? Yes. And it was really good. This is how people used to look
like before. With such
qualitative cloths. They used to be the best. Mm. They weren’t bad. So, really
thank you, viewers again, for
watching, subscribing, liking and until the next time.
Bye! Bye!

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