Soviet presents to UrAvgConsumer | Made in USSR №2

Soviet presents to UrAvgConsumer | Made in USSR №2

Hello guys! Today there is something special I’m going to show you, some cool Soviet stuff! Poehali! In the previous episode from this series I’ve been on a flea market and I was trying to find some old Soviet cool stuff. If you haven’t seen this episode, watch it! There will be a link over there! And I was thinking how to call this whole series. And I decided to call it Made in USSR. What do you think? Of course, there are more episodes from the Soviet series coming So don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell not to miss other episodes Do it now!!! Back to the case. I prepared it for a special guy, a youtuber. I like him very much. It’s UrAvgConsumer Let’s look what’s inside of this case The first thing is the tape The tape for a reel-to-reel deck player. There is a message on it. I have made it myself. Message to UrAvgConsumer and watch how I made it Today is 28th of March 2019 Greetings from former USSR Republic Russian Federation. I’m Vadim Antonov from Past Indicator. Many years has passed since the Cold War era. And many artifacts from that period were left all around USSR And nixie tubes are one of these artifacts These tubes were produced in enormous amounts for military and civil purposes By the way, our army is still using these tubes and I’ve seen these tubes on a modern submarine. My company main purpose is to save and share the beauty of this old technology and we are doing this already 7 years. In this case, you can find our nixie tube clock This is our brand-new model Saturn-C and it is made of concrete The second thing is matryoshka I’m Russian so I couldn’t resist to put matryoshka with all other things The third thing is the game, the electronic game. This series of games was created in USSR in 1984. This one is from early 90s And let’s look at it. This game was made for import so everything is in English and let me show how to play. Ok, let’s choose game A Here it is coming! Shield! Another one. Oh my god… here… there… oh… It hit me… Whoa… It’s too fast Shields Game over! I’ve stopped 12 rockets coming to my ship, but I missed three and died. The fourth thing, actually it’s a bunch of things are pins, Soviet pins Let’s look closer at each of these pins. There are different kinds of pins here. Of course Lenin, 8th of March (the Women’s Day), three pins from youth organization Pioneers, young tourist, young friend of nature, than space pins and of course some manufacture pins for work without accidents The fifth thing is of course sweets Different sweets They are the same as they were in USSR: the red hat, this one is with nuts, I love this one then this one loves my wife it’s called batonchick (I don’t know how to call it in English) Then of course the Bears from… Here is the painting of Shishkin and it’s pretty old candy And of course there is a chocolate bar Alenka, it’s also pretty old one They are producing it like 50 years, I think This one is the best one Good! Would you like? The sixth thing are magazines Here are magazines Ogoniok from 1972 1973 and from 1951 This one is the coolest! And check this advertisement on the back Tomato juice. Would you like some? A guy, a boy. This hat is called Budenovka. And this one is American magazine, actually the American Embassy was making this ones. The last, the seventh thing is… The notebook. It’s a special notebook Special agents or maybe special agencies like KGB notebook So here you can see dots, when you tear the paper it separates it on two parts. Here you write the name of a responsible guy who gets this part and he’s responsible to keep secrets that are held here. And the main thing in this case is, of course, our nixie tube clock This one is a special one! It is from our new models, the concrete Saturn-C clock Check it out! It’s really nice one! And I’ve put a sign of UrAvgConsumer (UAC) How do you like it? The rings around tubes are black and also everything on the back the power and the buttons UrAvgConsumer logo And I hope average consumer will love our clock I’m sure you’ve enjoyed this unpacking as much as I did! And during it I thought that it would be a cool option to put some Soviet stuff like this pins into the box with the clock What do you think about it? Would you choose this option? Thanks for watching and greetings to the average consumer See you later, and don’t forget to subscribe

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  1. I love the sweets! My buddy works for Amazon at the warehouse near the airport in Sacramento. He has a co-worker and friend, Yuri, who is from Russia. Yuri often has one or two small sweets in his lunch that look very much like your sweets. My buddy found out where Yuri purchases his sweets. There is a little family run grocery in Rancho Cordova (South East Sacramento) that has hundreds of pounds of these little candies in bulk bins and many other foods from Russia and some of the surrounding former Soviet states. My buddy and I love to visit the grocery and try some of the different foods. And on Halloween this year, my plan is to give out these little Russian candies to the trick-or-treaters that come around our neighborhood dressed as ghosts. It will something different for the kids to enjoy. Love your videos. Love the nixie tube clocks! Thank you for making these videos and posting posting these. Editing takes a lot of time?


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