“The Dangers/Red Flags of Any Culture” Around the World News *** 9-22-17 Pt 2

“The Dangers/Red Flags of Any Culture” Around the World News *** 9-22-17  Pt 2

religions – two humbs up for Christianity
okay? Even though Christianity is in a bad
state right now… don’t get me started on the on the poor condition of the
churches and now and their all their false theology and their love of money
okay but historically Christianity in the early church and as the work that’s
way up through the Middle Ages Christianity has been such a blessing to
this world a blessing to mankind because it was the Christians that discovered a
lot of the medicine medical breakthroughs and created a lot of
inventions for example John Calvin I understand came up with the
idea that the houses back in Europe should have railings around the around
them you know so that you don’t fall off to your death or get injured you know. Of
course this is found in the Old Testament wasn’t original of John Calvin
but this is found in the Old Testament if God gave his laws to the Jews so we
have to understand that God’s laws must prevail and any other law besides God’s
law is man-made law which really is usually humanistic or man centered.
It’s for man’s benefit and it doesn’t take into consideration God’s glory or
God’s truth of how things should be the nature of reality or metaphysics.
Poor nations are uniformly noted for their clan based collectivist non-merit non
invidual corruption their refusal to see merit-based talented individuals as
their ultimate resource their immorality a short-term view and their
unwillingness rather to rise above their nature-based challenges like
equator based natural resources poor prosperous singapore has achieved since
World War two. Any culture that does not eliminate the basic individual natural
tendency of men to be irresponsible and does not encourage man to be initiating
“suns” leaders as they are designed to be in the infrared range of the light
spectrum is in trouble. Any culture that does not dampen the natural tendency of
women to be dominant collectivist / socialist and does not
encourage women to be moons, co-pilots, mothers, infrared receivers as they are
designed to be, is in trouble. Any culture that does not discourage the natural tendency of its people to be promiscuous and discourage the natural tendency to
take the short term view is in trouble. Any culture that allows treason against
the basic voluntary covenantal nuclear family is in trouble. Any culture that
does not support the aptitude motivation ethical and long-term development of its
young is in trouble as the young should be the source of retirement provision
for their parents. Individual responsibility equals self- worth equals happiness. Any culture that does not respect the all permeating healthy
harmonic of the plus or negative positive negative dialectic of distinct
polarity is in trouble. I don’t understand all this but I’m just reading it to you okay? It’s something to think about. Any culture that does not
establish a free market in debt free money and time limitations on debt and
no central bank with honest grounded continuity and consistency between life
equals time equals energy equals work equals money equals property equals
taxes is in trouble. Any culture that does not establish a bank of mondragon
banking system is in trouble. Putting limits on OPM other
people’s money ope other people’s energy entrepreneurs
in corporation any society that does not establish law that comes from outside of
and above nature and man and is fixed and separate from man is in trouble. Any
culture that does not establish reciprocity and reparations as basic is criminal in criminal and civil law that
is in human action is in trouble. Any culture that does not establish a
sacrosanct in the law in the rule of law
the establishment of cover in contracts and the protection of the
person and property of individuals families and communities is in trouble.
Any culture that does not establish the consistency of unified shared beliefs,
values, cultures, religions or rather not cultures but values religions, families,
communities, race and culture yes culture was included like in Israel,
for example, Japan and Poland as a primary sole purpose of the culture
created State to protect that culture with a citizen army / militia is in
trouble. Any culture that does not establish the boundary of strictly
limited absentee ownership of land and no corporate ownership of land / natural
resources in the rural countryside where owners have to live there if they are to
own land be part of the local community and improve the land is in trouble.
Any culture that does not give its citizenry the right to recall laws, politicians,
judges, any government official and does not establish only individual people as
persons as persons and does not hold corporations and their officers and
directors personally liable at the local level is in
trouble. Any culture that does not establish a free market in education,
occupations, and trades with minimal regulation (you know red tape) with
minimal taxation with a cultural emphasis on education, development of
technology and infrastructure is in trouble. any culture that does not model its
balance between individual and community rights, privileges and duties after the
automobile traffic system is in trouble. Any culture that
does not keep its money banking economic and legal system simple enough for the
common man to understand it and negotiate his life through it on his
term or rather on his own with equity and justice for all is in
trouble. It takes both ethical win-win individual initiative responsibility and
accountability and naturally arising aristocracy and earn meritocracy and a
supportive equitable open networked system in the culture as presented above
both to assure comprehensive justice peace prosperity and freedom in a
community / culture / society all right and then a little paragraph here by
Tyler Durden in an article I know what North Korea wants from Zero Hedge dated
September 14th 2017 he says “former US President Jimmy Carter
repeated his assertion that the u.s. works more like an oligarchy than a
democracy.” He said money in politics is
what makes the United States more like an oligarchy run by a small group of
rich people rather than a democracy. Money in politics violates the essence
of what made America a great country in its political system now it’s just an
oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the
nominations of President or being elected president and the same thing
applies to Governors and US senators and Congress members so now we’ve just seen
a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors who want
and expect and sometimes get favors for themselves after the election is over
Carter was referring to the elite Zionist controlled the United States
Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling to allow corporations to give
unlimited campaign donations to political candidates which he has
previously said was the most stupid decision the court had me and then from Brandon Smith major
disinformation trend in 2017 a couple paragraphs here I quote both communism
and fascism both communism and fascism both top down pyramid type central
planning collectivist serve globalist interests it is to their advantage to
promote both Anton even Pit one against the other maybe in socialist globalist
are so fond of fascism that they have in the past presented unabashed defense of
the Third Reich George Bernard Shaw celebrity member of the Fabian’s is
notorious for praising the methods of both the Nazis and Stalin including the
mass murder of undesirables daven socialism the system founded in
1884 which promotes the subversive and deliberate manipulation of the masses
toward total centralization collectivism and population control through a
eugenics baby and socialists prefer to carry out their strategies over a span
of decades turning a population against itself slowly rather than trying to
force changes to a system immediately and outright the symbol their symbol is
a coat of arms depicting a wolf in sheep’s clothing or in some cases a
turtle slowest steady wins the race with the word with the words when I strike I
strike hard again it’s important to acknowledge that these people are not
unified by loyalty to any one nation culture political party mainstream
religion or ethnic background in fact they will happily sacrifice any country
or any group of people if it will get them closer to their goal the difference
between the communist model and the Nazi model Nazis believe in population
control based on genetic origin while communists believe a population control
based on labour potential well these people are all global is the communist
he wanted one-world government continue both standards appeal to global bottom
line fascists are slaves for Global’s just as Comus are slaves for globalism
both support big government power I saw this coming tonight I said
one-world government which is what globalism is and no Christian as I point
out before can be a global because God does not desire that we have that we
rebuild the Tower of Babel remember back in Genesis one of the
people wanted to build a tower to Babel and they were all united in their
language and then God confounded their languages and put a halt to that okay
and so that’s gonna put a halt for this one world order also either slightly
before the second his second coming or slightly after his second coming won’t
last too long I don’t think both undermine personal
freedom both support the government power both some underlying personal
freedoms there’s a little more than cosmetic differences between them and
one when one knows the true history Baha’i
fascist movements are not counterweight are not a counterweight to communism
they’re controlled opposition to communism if you want to join a real
opposing movement to cultural Marxist and communist then the only answer is a
movement that supports individual liberty in the reduction of government
power yes the reduction of government power which is what all Christians
should be for fascism does not support either anyone who thinks free markets
are the cause of our economic ailments in the past decade has lost sight of the
fact that we have not found the fact that we have not rather had anything
even remotely resembling free markets for more than a century the corporations
that leftist and common socialists constantly wail about could not exist
without government Charter and the legal loopholes surrounding limited liability
uncle Brandon Smith in his article major disinformation trend in 2017 real US
Senator Paul Rand says quote the US Constitution wasn’t written to East
reign your behavior it was written to restrain your government’s behavior yes
absolutely thumbs up for that I like well that’s it for tonight’s edition of
around the world news I hope you enjoy this if you like this channel give me a
thumbs up share this channel with your friends family and neighbors and stay
stay tuned for our next edition of around the world news as we explore
political and economic trends mixed in with an overall Christian perspective so
that you can rightly interpret modern news and current events we’re not to be
ignorant of these things as I point out before you don’t have to be obsessed
with them but you should be aware of what’s going around what’s going around
you what’s going on around you in the world around you and just basically how
are you gonna be intelligent Christian if you’re not at least following some of
the trends and know what’s what people are thinking how are you going to
communicate with people you know it’s like stepping out of the 15th 15th
century into modern America if you don’t know what’s going on you wouldn’t be
able to really communicate on a certain level would you of course not maybe
mentioning something about the deep state you go in the deep state what’s
that so we have to be familiar with certain terminologies and tried to be
wise why is it serpents and harmless it does and again can we meet again hope
you stay tuned for next edition in the lore rich tradition

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