The Soviet cycling secret food

The Soviet cycling secret food

Hi everyone, this is Nikolai again. [MUSIC] As we promised, we’re coming back to you
with our first cycling tip. And it’s about food of course.
Food is important. You know, we need some energy on the bike. Usually, people go the easy way and just buy themselves a gel
or maybe an energy bar. I prefer a little bit of old school.
I’m an old man. And I come from a country
where we didn’t have gels. We didn’t have energy bars. We ate all kinds of stuff. Sometimes, we ate some really
really strange and secret food. I would call it “Wow food.” This is it: Potato. Cheap. Healthy. Nutritious. Why it’s good? Why I like it?
It’s because is pure carbohydrate. Easy to eat.
Easy to chew. Easy to digest, unlike gel. Gel is fine, gel is a easy
source of energy, but it’s not so good for
your digestive system. Especially if you have
four, three or five of them on the ride. Not good. This stuff.
You boil it or you can bake it. I prefer boiled.
Because it’s much more firm. Easy to deal with. So you boil it.
Peel it. Wrap it in aluminium foil. Put it in your pocket. As you ride, pull it out.
Again, easy to unwrap. Put the foil back in into your pocket. Don’t litter. And it has a bit of moisture in it. I you eat it easily on the ride. Hands off or hands on the bar.
Whatever you prefer it. It’s almost like an apple, really. And it’s great, cheap. And you don’t have to deal
with all these gels and energy bars. And all this kind of stuff
and it’s a bit old school. It’s Soviet.
So you can brag about it with your friends. End tell them:
“Hey, look what I’m eating.” Nikolai told me about it.
It’s a little secret weapon. So, I suggest you to try to eat it
before the ride first time. But generally it’s a good
source of energy. And a great stuff! All right!
See you next week. Bye! [MAN] That’s a wrap!
What do you reckon James? I think it’s great. I loved it. Can we have more…secret informations
from the mother land? [NIKOLAI] Yes! [LADY] I was listening.
It’s good. It’s very good. Which one?
We have taken two or three takes. [LADY] Just the latest one. I was
like “Oh my gosh! That’s fantastic!” Boiled. Do whatever with it.
I prefer boiled – [INAUDIBLE] [NIKOLAI] He is keeping taping.
That’s going on Facebook along. [MUSIC] CAPTIONED AND SUBTITLED BY

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