8 Comments on "Tomi Lahren hosts panel to react to fifth Democratic debate"

  1. The Democrat 2020 Platform: We will promise to Raise prices on Food, Fuel, Electricity, and everyday Household Items. We are going to regulate the crap out of everything, if we just don't outright ban them. At least you will now be able too take a Dump on the sidewalk, just like San Francisco. We already solved Straws, we are on top of it.

    We will raise your Taxes, Someone has to pay for other peoples Healthcare. If you like your Doctor, too bad this time. You have stuff and we want it, so we will take it. Besides college will be free, make it all back with that Degree in Liberal Arts or Basket Weaving while we indoctrinate you. We will also need a List of your Stuff, so we can Decide what too take.

    We will confiscate your Guns, Those Racist Local Cops that do not have too enforce Immigration Law will be Required to kick in your Door and Take the Guns that Scare us. We will Leave what we OWE you on the Nightstand. And then we will turn our Attention on the People that still enjoy Church, we will Ruin that also.

    We will let out all the Convicts, the Good Rapists, the Good Murderers, and the Good Thieves. That isn't the Purge coming, that group of Murderers has always been on your block. Don't want to get Raped, buy a Medieval Chastity Belt. Solutions are everywhere.

    We will export jobs and import freeloaders. While we are tearing down the Border Wall, you may want too get your own around your house. We need the Illegal's since we keep Aborting your fellow Americans. We plan on Killing more of us.

    We will constantly slander Law Enforcement, until we need them, and will do it again as soon as their back is turned. We will take a Wrecking Ball to Border Patrol and the Military, you know WE HATE THEM.

    We will spend Trillions of your tax dollars on special interest projects that will accomplish absolutely nothing except for lining friends pockets. But don't worry the important part is already figured out, you can pick from one of 73 genders now available.

    We will tell you over and over you are uninformed and ignorant, while we trample your rights and collude with foreign governments. You know we will, we have done it over and over and over and over.


    Pocahontas the Hun, Quid Pro Joe, T-Bone Mugabe, Garbage-Can Stalin, Caligula Mao

    Everything will be free because there will be nothing left. The newest fashion trend will be a Barrel and Suspenders.


  2. WTF are you guys talking about. In what fantasy world are companies just giving workers more money, without beeing forced to. And why would they create jobs for people, if robots and ai are way cheaper? Companies don't employ people just for the sake of employing them – workers have the purpose to fulfill certain tasks to achieve certain goals. If those tasks can be completed faster, better and cheaper by robots and AI than thats what companies are going with (as they are supposed to in order to maximize profit). Thats the nature of capitalism and that's exactly the problem ONLY Yang adresses with his UBI proposal. (BTW, ignoring this reality is what brings us the extreme left ideology)


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