True Bodybuilding Begins with Health

True Bodybuilding Begins with Health

Hi friends, it’s Victor Costa. Peace, love and muscles. Hope you’re doing well. Hope you’re having an outstanding day Thanks so much for the likes the shares and the subs. I truly appreciate it very much please follow me at vixx natural on Instagram and also on Facebook and Today we are going to talk a little bit about sort of the healing process With respect to fitness and bodybuilding and how that kind of all ties in together so One can make a very good argument that a healthier body heals Faster than an unhealthy body, right? And when you think about the bodybuilding activity that you do with the fitness activity that you do you’re really creating Traumas or a controlled trauma and we focus a lot on push-pull or split routine versus full body or Rep scheme and all that but that really is is less important you would think it’s more important because it’s very active and the passive Stuff or we think that are passive things like sleep are not as important But let’s talk a little bit about how bodybuilding and health with natural bodybuilding and health can’t really be separated You can make a very good argument that a healthier body a healthy body heals faster And and is more receptive to bodybuilding and fitness training, right? So it would make sense to start off with a plan for optimal health, right? So what does that entail? Well, if you are just starting out or even if you’re a professional at this You should know that you have to be in good health Right, so we know that there are certain components of health and we would call them. Let’s say activity nutrition and rest so the game that most of us are really good at is getting into the gym and pounding away and reading on the new rep scheme and all this other stuff but where we tend to foul really as not just fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders what we really failing at poor marx’s of the nutrition and Rest portion of it as if that doesn’t count for much but it really does it really is the foundation of your health, which allows you to not only recover from your workouts but to heal right and you know Obviously when you don’t have those two things going for you If you’re not leapin enough in the body’s not nourished and then you’re adding this controlled trauma or stress You can make a very good argument that you are making the body quote unquote Unhealthier and I really think that that’s where a lot of us are putting ourselves So we tend to think oh, I got to get to the gym. I didn’t have enough sleep But I didn’t have enough to eat today or enough nutrition, but I’ve got to get to the gym No, it’s really the other way around you’ve got to refocus On the basics of health and in life, which is really your rest You’ve got to get your rest game down. There’s no ifs ands or buts. We know that the body heals when it’s asleep and so I know it’s hard to get to sleep because we tend to lay down and think about You know bills and the things we have to do tomorrow and all those things I would say, you know take a good half hour before you plan to go to bed write down a list of things that you have to do the next day and You know for me as well, I tend to think about those things, too But I’ve got a little trick that I wanted to share with you I hope you don’t mind I hope this is not off the beaten off – too far off the path of what we’re talking about but I have these little beads and I don’t know if you saw me in my lives, but You hear the sirens outside? But I’ve got these beads and these beads I bought these at a Tibetan store But really it could be any any beads that you have I know a lot of people use rosary beads, or they just use whatever you know But I want to tell you what I do with these so basically I start over here and I work my way all the way around the String until it’s completed so I lay in bed and I think about everything that I’m grateful for and I touch one of the beads as I express gratitude so my mother my wife my brother my daughter I job my home my community my health all of these things the fact that I have enough to eat the fact that I Enjoy my health and I enjoy my body. I mean they can just keep going and I go on this sort of rant And even if I name things more than once it keeps me sort of in this state of gratitude It keeps my mind sort of relaxed. It reminds me of all the incredible things that are happening in my life And that is really conducive to to better rest I have found that I’ve been recommending as to other people to count their blessings and everything before they go to bed and all the great things rather than counting the bills and the problems not the other things which Kind of keep you up at night. Mmm. So a simple trick like this is Not too attenuated from your bodybuilding objectives because it helps you rest Helps you get to bed a little bit earlier it helps you. Have a good restful night And that’s conducive to healing and that is ultimately plays out in the way you express yourself Not only in in your the health of your body and And the way you you feel and your performance but also in the look in your eyes your decision-making and your overall health, right? So the whole idea is to have a healthy body to begin with and a healthy body Recovers faster than an ill body, right because we are feeding the workouts We are healing as we’re creating traumas and and that’s really the most important thing that I want to convey to you guys And when you you you have all these things down and I know it’s hard to get all these things down your nutrition your sleep Those may be harder for you than your workouts because work out like is it as active as social? There’s music. There’s people all that stuff for a lot of you who go out to gyms And the other stuff is sort of more personal, right? But that’s really where you have to up your game. You have to pay attention to those things You know a healthy body Looks better a healthy body heals better a healthy body performs better so really just refocus on those important things your nutrition game and also your Sleep game is really really valuable. And so I wanted to just share with you some ideas I guess you guys know I have some other programs and some exciting things coming up But I wanted to share this video with you today to remind you that is health first and that will show up in your bodybuilding gains and in your fitness games and the way your body Responds. Okay. So thank you very much guys for enjoying this video I hope this little tip, you know Whether you have beads or you have something else to just lay there in bed at night and count your blessings and and sort of you know the things that you’re grateful for will as you know expand and The things that you focus on right or what you continuously get in your life And so try to focus less on the problems focus on the great things that’s conducive to the sleep It’s conducive to the healing and it works its way somehow Into your fitness and the way your body feels expresses itself and the way you live. So peace love and muscles, please Take care. Love you guys. Bye

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