Vanka Zhukov 1981 English & Russian subtitled Soviet Ukrainian Chekhov animation

Vanka Zhukov 1981 English & Russian subtitled Soviet Ukrainian Chekhov animation

VANKA ZHUKOV, who had been for three months
apprenticed to Alyahin the shoemaker, was sitting up on Christmas Eve. Dear grandfather, Konstantin Makaritch, I am writing you a letter. I wish you a happy Christmas,
and all blessings from God Almighty. I have neither father nor mother,
you are the only one left me. And yesterday I had a wigging. Vanka! Vanka! Come on! Hurry it up little peasant, or you’ll get it! Vanka! Vanka! and she took the herring
and thrust its head in my face. Vanka! Vanka! Vanka! Vanka! take me away from here or I shall die. I wanted to run away to the village, but
I have no boots, and I am afraid of the frost. Dear grandfather, it is more
than I can bear, it’s simply no life at all. Moscow is a big town. It’s all gentlemen’s houses, and there are lots of horses,
but there are no sheep, and the dogs are not spiteful. once I saw fishing-hooks for sale, fitted
ready with the line and for all sorts of fish And I have seen shops where there are guns,
after the pattern of the master’s guns at home, so that I shouldn’t wonder
if they are a hundred roubles each. . . . and don’t give my concertina to anyone. I remain, your grandson, Ivan Zhukov. Dear grandfather, do come. Have pity on an unhappy orphan like me;
here everyone knocks me about, And the other day the master hit me
on the head with a last, so that I fell down. My life is wretched, worse than any dog’s. . . . Do come,… [To grandfather in the village.] written by N. Len
directed by Leonid Zarubin
art director N. Sapozhnikov cameraman A. Menshikov
music L. Markelov
sound Igor Pogon animators
E. Lisitskaya, Zh. Taran, A. Trifonov
voice artist Clara Rumyanova script editor Svetlana Kutsenko
executive producer O. Dragaev-Boichuk The end
Kievnaucht film 1981
Subs by Eus, September 2015

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