Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Oil Pump issues

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Oil Pump issues

very simple setup I close the valve and buy some oil on the source tank OK, too much time to fill it… direction of the flow is in the opposite side and it’s not possible to only close one valve, it’s all open, all close or only one open, 2 opens and one close is not possible let’s build another tank indicator is clearly wrong damn, no power… again, wrong flow direction not able to replicate the issue where it’s not possible to stop the flow right now, but I assure you that it happens…

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  1. your issue is you cant expect to make fuel or bitumen out of oil unless the oil goes thru the refinery. its not an automatic process from importing. the flow works correctly from input of 1 into 3 pump , which goes to tanks, then 3 into 1 which would go into refinery. Then the opposite series from output of refinery into pump then into tanks then into train loading.


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